13 Best Non-Alcoholic Wine Brands You Can Buy

Seeing the detrimental impact alcohol can have on families and communities, Moa Gürbüzer, a former social worker, started Oddbird with the aim of proving that good wine doesn’t need to be alcoholic. The key to this effort was to develop a complex taste, achieved with minimal processing. It’s a challenge that many non-alcoholic wine producers have faced, according to Wine Folly, with the feeling that there is little choice but to use methods of alcohol extraction that destroy the delicate taste of wine.

According to a press release from Oddbird, the company manages to avoid destroying the flavor of wine by removing alcohol via a patented method. Although the details are unknown, it involves vacuum distillation, a process that separates compounds based on differences in boiling points, according to Busch.

Oddbird is clearly onto something, with the company’s products tasting significantly better than other non-alcoholic wines, as noted by Christine Parkinson, founder of no/low beverage consultancy Brimful Drinks. In an interview with Drinks Retailing, she said: “Until now, most non-alcoholic wines have been based on entry-level alcoholic wines. The rise of specialized start-ups is changing this landscape, and better quality is the result. For example, the Oddbird range. Their wines are drier and more expressive than most, and they push the boundaries. Their two reds (Oddbird Low Intervention Organic Red and Domaine de la Prade Organic) are good, and their sparkling rosé is currently the best available. .”

Elisha A. Tilghman