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00 Wines seeks to innovate the luxury wine market

When Chris Hermann started 00 Wines of Willamette Valley, Oregon, with his late father Richard Hermann in 2013, he didn’t anticipate the growth and recognition the small family business would soon receive.

The passion project started with five barrels of Pinot Noir – the first batch of an experimental vintage, followed by a widely released vintage in 2015.

Then, in 2019, the family business experienced its first triumph in the industry. In a ranking of over 3,000 American wines, James Suckling recognized an Oregon Chardonnay on his annual list of Top 100 American Wines of 2019 – the Willamette Valley Eola-Amity Hills Freya Hermann Cuvée 2017.

“We feel that we have the opportunity to be in the pantheon of the great emblematic chardonnays of the world. “- Chris Hermann

Describing its “wild, reductive and flinty aromas, and notes that the wine hits the sweet spot of great modern chardonnay winemaking,” Willamette Valley Chardonnay was listed at number 35.

This recognition propelled the wine producer into the global luxury wine market. In a statement, Chris says the accolade reinforces the winery’s mission to establish premium luxury wines in Oregon and to push the boundaries of chardonnay in the region.

“There hasn’t been a truly successful, internationally successful small family-owned ultra-luxury wine-making business based in the Willamette Valley,” says Chris.

“00 Wines has grown exponentially over the past year, garnering top reviews from wine critics and aficionados, and gaining a loyal following of wine club members around the world.

“Our model borrows from the first European luxury houses managed by small families including Krug, Bollinger and the small luxury estates of Burgundy.”

00 Wines also uses the technique of making black chardonnay – a method practiced for 100 years in Burgundy, which intentionally uses oxidation.

00 wines

“Once the Chardonnay grapes are pressed, no sulfite is added, so the juice in the press tank immediately oxidizes to a dark brown color. The cloudy juice, rich in suspended matter, passes directly into French oak barrels without settling or racking, ”says Chris.

“The result of making black chardonnay for 00 Wines creates a tasty and complex American chardonnay with maximum tannins extracted from the grape skins. “

“Wine is a beverage consumed around the world that everyone can enjoy, and we love to be part of something that universally unites people.” – Catherine Hermann

Additionally, as a producer of luxury chardonnay, Chris points out that while the best chardonnay was essentially approached in the old world, the Willamette Valley has access to the best chardonnay from around the world.

“00 Wines intends to push the boundaries and produce the best high quality New World Chardonnay using old world methods,” he said. The CEO magazine.

“We feel that we have the opportunity to be in the pantheon of the great emblematic chardonnays of the world. ”

00 wines

Owners Chris and Kathryn Hermann

One of the highlights of the vineyard was its Corton-Charlemagne 2017, produced in partnership with the international team of winemakers from 00 Wines from the cool climate regions of Burgundy and Champagne directly involved in the operation of the sites of the grands crus. .

The 00 Corton-Charlemagne 2017 highlights the terroir of the Colline de Corton through flavors, mineral tension and dense texture, resulting in a structured wine with a long finish.

“We use our passion to create a superior product that we can ship to people all over the world, and that makes them happy,” notes owner Kathryn Hermann.

“We have the opportunity to work interculturally with our international team of winegrowers in France and with members of wine clubs from all over the world in places such as Scandinavia and Asia.

“Wine is a drink consumed around the world that everyone can enjoy, and we love to be part of something that universally unites people,” she says.

Like many wineries during the pandemic, the search for labor, maintaining a socially remote harvest and winemaking space, and the inability to travel have had a huge impact.

00 Wines also shares a winemaking space with 16 other winemakers at the Carlton Winemaking Studio. Therefore, a possible outbreak of COVID-19 could have a substantial impact on many wineries.

Travel restrictions have also caused a lot of disruption for the bi-continental wine producer. 00 Wines has three winemakers who generally travel between the United States and France to test and make blends. However, as there is no travel this year, the tastings were all conducted by Zoom.

“We have expanded our international DTC program and now have wine club members in at least five different countries,” adds Kathryn. “We are currently working with FedEx to coordinate the ability to ship direct to consumers.”

There are many plans for the future of 00 Wines. Kathryn says the company is looking to expand its French programs in the near future, particularly its Champagne Grand Cru project.

“We also seek to be at the forefront when it comes to providing fine wines to customers around the world from our headquarters in Willamette Valley, Oregon. “

00 wines

Join the 00 Wines club

Earlier this year, 00 Wines celebrated the launch of its Very Good Wine Club for collectors and lovers of rare Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

The club gives members access to the realm of wine making and luxury wine experiences, and gives access to exclusive wine benefits, ranging from special prices, private tastings and access to exclusive outings.

Additionally, all attendees have access to member-only wines, including single-vineyard micro-lots and French wines.

“The Very Good Wine Club is an opportunity to provide personalized programming that meets the needs of our distinguished customers,” Kathryn said in a statement.

“As a family business, we know the value of relationships and look for every opportunity to interact, build friendships and get to know our collectors firsthand. “

00 wines

Very Good Wine Club memberships

Amphora Pinot Noir subscription

Membership is priced at US $ 425, which excludes taxes and shipping. It includes six bottles of Pinot Noir VGR 2018 sent to the Northern Hemisphere in the fall.

Chardonnay Noir subscription

For US $ 479 excluding postage and local taxes, wine lovers will be entitled to three bottles of Chardonnay VGW 2018 and three bottles of Chardonnay EGW 2018 (Extra Good White) shipped in the spring from the Northern Hemisphere.

Membership of collectors

For US $ 497 excluding taxes and shipping, members will receive two bottles of Pinot Noir VGR 2018, two bottles of Pinot Noir Shea 2018 and two bottles of Pinot Noir Hyland 2018 in the Northern Hemisphere in the fall.

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Low-calorie wine brands for a healthier happy hour

New wine brands are making wine drinking a bit more friendly to your waistline.

Image Credit: opolja / iStock / GettyImages

A greasy cheese pizza and a bottle of wine can seem like the perfect start to a hectic work week.

But overdoing this friendly Friday combo can sometimes do more harm than good: Alcoholic drinks (like wine) not only contain calories and sugar, but they can also take us away from our weight loss aspirations, explains. Hailey Gorski, RD.

“A 5-ounce pour of Pinot Grigio with an ABV of 12.5% ​​contains 120 calories and 3 grams of carbohydrate,” explains Gorski.

“Alcohol lowers inhibitions, which means we’re more likely to make poor food choices,” says Gorski. “If we select a wine that is low in alcohol by volume (LBV), we are more likely to meet our health goals and make a smarter decision at the table.”

To help keep your carbohydrate and calorie intake under control, Gorski advises scanning your bottle of wine and selecting blends with an ABV of 12.5% ​​or less. “Wines that contain too much ABV, for example, tend to be higher in carbohydrates and sugar,” she says.

But you don’t have to search high and low for healthier sips, as there are many brands of low-calorie wines available at reasonable prices. To help you bring these wines to your kitchen table, Gorski and other dieticians are looking at low-calorie wines for a lighter buzz below.

1. LightHearted Rosé Cupcake

If you are not a rosé lover, you can opt for Cupcake’s red and white wines.

Image Credit: Creative

If you’re looking for a light and refreshing rosé to savor with a good book on a Saturday night, Lisa DeFazio, RD recommends filling a glass with LightHearted Cupcake Rosé because it’s only 80 calories and 8% blood alcohol per person. ounce of glass.

“The grapes used in this wine are harvested early in the season to minimize the amount of sugar naturally present in the grapes,” says DeFazio. “It helps create a product that is low in sugar and alcohol after mixing.”

2. Yellowtail Pure Bright Pinot Grigio

Yellowtail’s affordable, low-calorie wine is as good as the traditional lines.

Image Credit: Creative

  • 79 calories per 125 milliliter serving

This well-known Australian wine brand has developed a light wine that makes a fruity and refreshing addition to any happy hour or meal, says dietitian Staci Gulbin, RD.

Good taste aside, Gulbin says this wine is the perfect pick-me-up for the weekend because it doesn’t hurt calories and blood alcohol levels. “At about 79 calories per 125 milliliter serving (about 18.7 calories per ounce), this wine only achieves 8.5% blood alcohol content,” she adds.

3. SkinnyGirl muscat wine

SkinnyGirl is inexpensive and generally available, making it an accessible choice for the calorie-conscious wine drinker.

Image Credit: Creative

Moscato can pair well with delicious homemade desserts after a delicious meal, but sweeter wines like these aren’t the most nutritious.

But that doesn’t mean you have to write off the muscat all together, as Erin Palinski-Wade, RD explains that SkinnyGirl’s take on this popular wine keeps ABV levels and calories in check..

“Each of SkinnyGirl’s wines contains around 100 calories per glass with only 10% alcohol in alcohol,” says Palinski-Wade.

4. Cense Sauvignon Blanc wines

Cense wines (cabernet, sparkling, rosé) keep it reasonable in the calorie and ABV department.

Image Credit: Creative

  • 85 calories per 5 ounce glass

“While most other white wines contain around 120 calories, Cense offers blends that are lower in calories (85 calories per 5-ounce glass) and alcohol by volume (9.5%),” explains Jacyln London, RD.

“And if you’re a WW (formerly Weight Watchers) member, that means getting three SmartPoints per drink, instead of the usual four.”

Bev white wine cans pair well with fish tacos and offer a nice burst of citrus flavor.

Image Credit: Creative

  • 160 calories per 8.4 ounce can

Delicious taste aside, every white wine can ignore the high ABV and calories associated with some white wines, explains Emily Danckers, RD.

“Bev’s sauvignon blanc contains 11 percent blood alcohol and about 160 calories per can,” says Danckers. While it might sound high, a can has more wine than your average 5-ounce glass – you’ll get 8.4 ounces or about 1.5 glasses of wine in a can of Bev.

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The new wine museum that transforms the historic warehouse district of Porto

The first one came The City of Bordeaux Wine in 2016: a 10-storey wine temple on the banks of the Garonne. This year, Portugal did better; why have a city when you can have the world? After five years of development, and at a cost of € 105m (£ 95m), World of Wine (WoW) open in July in Porto, housed in 55,000 m² of restored Port wine cellars. It is one of the biggest tourism projects launched in Europe this year: six immersive museum experiences, five restaurants, plus bars, cafes, event and exhibition spaces, boutiques and, to top it off, a wine school offering one and several one-day courses focusing on Portuguese viticulture and gastronomy. There are also virtual tours of Portuguese wine production through the ages and a comprehensive guide to cork, another of the country’s main exports.

Located in Vila Nova de Gaia, the hub of the European wine industry since the 1700s, WoW revolves around a central open-air plaza with views of Porto’s terracotta rooftops and the Douro River. And, as in Bordeaux, this ambitious new opening hopes to offer the city a fresh new cultural district, and the company identifies itself in this way (the “New Cultural Quarter” of Porto). Scheduled to join WoW later this year is the Porto Fashion and Fabric Museum, housed in an 18ecentury building which includes a chapel designed by the famous Italian artist and architect Nicolau Nasoni, with restored frescoes.

Did you know? According to the World Factbook, Portugal was the world’s ninth largest exporter of wine in 2019, shipping for $ 920 million (£ 706.5 million). The UK was 10th, with exports totaling $ 837 million (£ 642.8 million).

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9 Indian wine brands to add to your collection

The Indian wine scene has grown from a handful of brands to nearly a dozen players in the market. Wine is now an experience – from stays at luxury vineyards to wine tasting sessions, there is so much more to just enjoy the mind over dinner. If you’re just looking to grab a few bottles of wine for your next house party, here are the best Indian wine brands you can choose from.


Fratelli is considered a premium Indian wine brand with a large vineyard that has produced several grape varieties since 2009. “Great care is taken in producing the best quality grapes in our own vineyards to ensure that we produce the best quality grapes. premium wines from Indian terroir, ”says Kapil Sekhri. , founding director of Fratelli Wines. In fact, most of their wines pair well with Indian cuisine, especially red sangiovese which pairs well with biryani and chardonnay with grilled fish.

Recommended choices: Red: Sette White: Chenin Blanc Rosé: MS Rose Mousseux: Black

Fratelli offers a wide selection of wines


Perhaps one of the most popular wine brands in India, Sula is also known for its annual music festival and wine experience. According to Karan Vasani, senior vice president and chief winemaker at Sula, “Our goal is not only to make good wine, but to make good wine with minimal environmental impact. With the widest selection of wines at the best prices, we’re bringing people and wine together, one sip at a time. He recommends Dindori Shiraz because it pairs wonderfully with exotic mutton preparations like laal maas and rara gosht mutton.

Recommended Picks: Red: Rasa Cabernet Sauvignon Blanc: Dindori Reserve Chardonnay Rosé: La Source Grenache Rose

Sula is popular for its wine and music festival

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The 5 best brands of boxed wine for 2021

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Running out of funds, but still want to have a good vino buzz in these tough times? Well, we are here to help. A word of caution first: boxed wine will not wow you with flavor. Like, at all. Instead, it is a convenient and inexpensive way to fill up with a wine that is suitable for daily consumption. The quantity, not the quality, the people. Drinking mass produced wine is also a lot classier than drinking a bunch of cheap beers.

Like canned wine, its canned brethren have improved over the years. Yes, there’s still Franzia, but there are enough superior options now that you’d better fork out a few extra bucks for something that won’t make you wince. This writer still strongly recommends that you eat while you sip them, as there are only a few that are truly worth enjoying on their own. These are the 5 best wines on hand of 2021.

Box Bota Pinot Gris

It’s hard not to find the Bota Box brand in most supermarket chains. The Central California company produces a plethora of wines, none easier to drink than Pinot Grigio. It’s apple and peach based with enough acid to suggest there was something more to the winemaker’s approach than just ‘bagging it and tagging it’. This one belongs right next to the stove, between kosher salt and olive oil.

Alandra Esporão White

Alandra Esporão White

White wines generally do best in box form and Esporão is another great example. The Portuguese blend is surprisingly lively and aromatic – so much so that you would probably guess it comes from a bottle if consumed blindly. And for those who are used to the session quality of fellow Portuguese whites like Vinho Verde, be warned, the ABV on this one tends to be higher (14.5%).

Pinot Gris provisions

Pinot Gris provisions

Certainly a lot of these companies are doing something called a Chardonnay. They just don’t taste like Chardonnay. At least with Provisions’ Pinot Gris, even the most mass-produced riffs sound like something akin to what they’re meant to be. This one shows off grapefruit and tangy pear, making it a good partner for salads, poultry, and seafood. So what if it’s not a vintage – do you really think that? a boxed wine will express the growing season?

La Vieille Ferme Rosé

La Vieille Ferme Rosé

This wine has become synonymous with brunch and for good reason. It’s a good deal and it retains some personality even though it is on the dry end of the spectrum. The boxed version of this version of La Vieille Ferme is no different, with vibrant strawberry flavors and just the right amount of spice. In fact, the boxed version is better because, well, there’s more and a bottomless Mimosa has nothing on a glass full of some of the best rosé wines.

Qunita da Espiga Vino Tinto

Qunita da Espiga Vino Tinto

One of the very few reds to pass the box test, this wine is ideal for larger cold-weather dishes and barbecues. Although a bit heavy on the palate, there are obvious red and black fruits and some leather and spices. It’s good enough to be the red house in many restaurants, at least during happy hour. And if winter drags on, use it as the perfect base for mulled wine.

Editor’s recommendations

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Best natural wines of 2021


One of the things I missed most about the throes of social distancing was chatting with the experts at my local wine store as they helped me choose the perfect bottle for the occasion I was looking for. After describing my awesome ideal, cold red or cloudy orange creamsicle of my dreams, they usually handed me something from their “natural” section. I’ve become obsessed with finding obscure bottles and bulk ordering from faraway places, and the more I learn about the process of making these whimsical wines that are more popular than ever, the more I want to drink. (If you’re interested in vegan wine, check out our picks for these here.)

Natural or “low intervention” wine is going through a major moment, and while there is no legal term to define the process, it is fairly straightforward. For a wine to be considered “natural”, winemakers must forgo adding anything to wine in the cellar that does not occur naturally: think preservatives, additives or chemicals. They shouldn’t delete anything either. These wines are even easier to use than most organic options, which require USDA certification indicating they were grown on an organic farm that forgoes the use of certain fertilizers and pesticides. (Basically all natural wines are organic, but not all organic wines are natural. Next?)

This form of local winemaking means there’s a lot more room for bottle-to-bottle variation, making making something new to drink with dinner a lot more unpredictable and fun too. Each wine, even from the same vintage, presents a new opportunity to be surprised by the variation in notes, cloudiness and color. And while I’m not about to waste money on wine just because it’s pretty, a lot of these little winemakers just have some amazing artwork on their labels. So whether you want to show up to Friendsgiving with something funky to satisfy the ‘wine guy’ in your group or impress someone new with a great drink pairing, we’ve rounded up some tasty natural options for every mood.

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For a picnic

Orange 2018

Discovery wines

$ 25.00

If you’re heading to a dinner party or meeting in the park, this orange option is total crowd pleaser, and for good reason. It is essentially an Italian seaside town in a bottle: its juicy mineral slant comes from the limestone limestone of the Apulian soil and offers a taste of the salty air of the Adriatic Sea.

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For outdoor dining

Various Rosato 2018

Primordial Wine

$ 33.95

This blend of Montepulciano, Pecorino and Trebbiano grapes tastes deliciously jammy on the first sip, and then after a while, tilts … dirty. But in the best possible way! A touch of Abruzzo soil balances the red fruit notes, making it ideal to accompany a meat dinner.

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For dessert

Correcaminos Road Runner Rose 2019

Discovery wines

$ 26.00

Even though the heatwaves of summer are over, this Spanish rosé is for sun worshipers who just can’t let the season pass. It’s fruity and tangy, with notes like strawberries and balsamic vinegar that pair perfectly with a melting vanilla ice cream cone.

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For a first impression

Babass – Groll N ‘Roll 2019

Discovery wines

$ 30.00

Socially distant date? This is the bottle to bring. The slightly sparkling red blend is complex and comes down almost too easily thanks to notes like blackcurrant, violet and baking spices. And come on, how cool is this tag?

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For a toast

Zurlie Sparkling Natural

Mister Wright Fine wines

$ 19.99

A sip of this sparkling pet-nat-a sparkling wine which is bottled earlier in the fermentation process and derives its bubbles from its sugarsand you’ll want to teleport to a decadent night out. It’s a party, in the bottle: light pink, slightly salty and sparkling like hell.

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For a date

Beaujolais-Villages 2019

Astor wines

$ 23.96

Gamay grapes make this red elegant, but still easy to drink. Almost anything that comes out of Beaujolais will be well balanced and impressive, and perfectly suited for a long candlelight dinner.

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For a light lunch

Weisser Mulatschak White 2019

Kingston wine

$ 18.99

If your trip to Vienna was canceled this year, a juicy orange option from Austria might ease the pain. The blend of Welschriesling, Pinot Gris and Traminer grapes gets its pinkish color on contact with the skin during the fermentation process and tastes like stone fruit in cool weather.

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