A wine and crisp party is coming to Manchester


Think pub favorites like Frazzles, Wotsits and Monster Munch paired with a host of organic wines

Typically, when people plan a wine pairing dinner, they don’t rush straight to the crispy section, but Manchester’s Open Kitchen has never been one to play by the rules.

The sustainable riverside cafe, located inside the People’s History Museum, has built its reputation on salvaging perfectly edible food from trash heaps and turning it into healthy, affordable meals.

Run by Corin Bell, it intercepts food that would otherwise end up in the trash and reuses it in an ever-changing selection of all-day meals.

Now he’s also diving into events, announcing a wine and crispy night that will see guests sample favorite pub snacks like Monster Munch, Wotsits and Frazzles alongside “beautiful” organic and low-intervention wines.

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“We just thought we’d cut the whole bull by pairing beautiful wines with classic snacks that remind us we’re from the North.”

Corin Bell, Founder of Open Kitchen

Designed to combat the idea that “wine tastings and pairing parties can sometimes feel a little, uh…. intimidating, snobbish, disconcerting,” organizers predict the antithesis of your classic tasting party.

They explain: “We thought what better way to take all the snobbery, and frankly class, out of a wine tasting evening, than to pair beautiful wines with Wotsits, Frazzles and Monster Munch??”

Chic or not, that’s what we’re here for.

Image: PHM open kitchen
Image: PHM open kitchen

The principle is however the same as for any other wine tasting. Guests will learn about wines and how they complement different flavors.

Led by Open Kitchen good friend Nathan Fiske of C&O Wines, the prize includes five wines alongside popular snacks and other beverages available for purchase.

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C&O Wines has selected a range of small independent, family or cooperative vineyards and wineries that have organic or minimal intervention methods at their heart.

There will also be a small plate menu on hand for those who need a few extra carbs to soak up the plonk.

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The entire pairing menu will suit vegetarians, but some snacks, such as Wotsits, may not be suitable for vegans.

However, those with specific dietary requirements who wish to attend are encouraged to email and the organizers will try to find snack alternatives that will allow them to attend.

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Priced at £27.54 including a booking fee, the Food and Wine Pairing Night takes place this month on Thursday 22nd September from 7pm-11pm.

To learn more and book, visit the Eventbrite page here.

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‘Fights break out’ over thrice-booked seats on struggling Avanti West Coast trains

daisy jackson
daisy jackson

Passengers traveling on Avanti West Coast trains report scenes of chaos, including ‘fights’ over seat reservations.

The railway operator in difficulty drastically reduced his schedule last month, citing “serious staffing shortages”.

This means services between Manchester and London run as infrequently as once an hour, rather than the usual three per hour.

Avanti also canceled all seat reservations for trips booked before August 8, leading to frequent confusion on trains.

The company apologized for the “huge frustration and inconvenience”.

He added that he had increased the number of non-reserved seats to “make it easier for customers to find a new seat”.

Several people said they walked to their reserved seat to find it double-booked, and passengers left to stand or try to find a vacant space on busy services instead.

One person even reported that ‘fights had broken out over reserved seats but in which people were sitting’ – a matter which Avanti said should be referred to British Transport Police.

Someone else said: ‘On the 0630 train to Glasgow-London. @AvantiWestCoast you are still doubling up!! I was just forced out of our seats 2 hours later by rude travellers. A quick word with your helpful train conductor and it’s easily sorted – she upgraded us! It’s the way you ask. Thank you Karine!!”

One person asked Avanti: “I had my booking months ago and found out four people had the exact same booking. Is this some sort of Hunger Games trip?? 1.09pm Crewe to Edinburgh .

Someone on Twitter asked, “How the hell do you allow 3 people to book the same seat?!? Absolute madness @AvantiWestCoast. The train is chaotic and now running late. Complete joke!”

Another one said: “The chaos of @AvantiWestCoast really has to be experienced to be believed: only 1 direct train per hour to Manchester from Euston; only 9 coaches reserved (and not 11) resulting in an ad hoc downgrade; double reserved places; shortage of drivers meant a 10 minute delay; the store cannot accept payment by card.

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“15 years ago I spent months commuting between London and Manchester and the VHF Virgin (3 per hour) was a treat: a seated dining car doing a cooked breakfast; air conditioning that worked; no smell and clean seats. A 2 hour train journey was something to look forward to, not suffer.

“On the other hand the calendar for mid-September has still not been confirmed, half of the ticket machines in Euston were down with queues for ticket offices. It is the main intercity line linking the three largest cities in the UK, when in service. »

A spokesperson for Avanti West Coast said: ‘The reduced timetable has been introduced to ensure a reliable service is provided so that our customers can travel with greater certainty.

“This decision was not taken lightly, and we apologize for the enormous frustration and inconvenience this has caused to customers who booked with us prior to the schedule change.”

Featured Image: Avanti West Coast


Manchester Sunday Bottomless Roast with Endless Steak and Wine

Georgina Pellant
Georgina Pellant

On Deansgate, there’s an upscale steakhouse offering bottomless Sunday roasts with endless steak, gravy, all the trimmings and non-stop wine.

We’re talking about Gaucho, the Argentinian steakhouse specializing in aged steak so soft you can cut it with a butter knife.

Just as famous for their fine wines as they are for their Las Pampas beef, on Sundays you can really get your money’s worth – opting for their endless roast or their beef and a bottle offering.

If the sound of an endless roast dinner sounds appealing, then endless roast is what you want to go for. For £29.50 you can enjoy 90 minutes of unlimited roast meats, crispy potatoes, fluffy Yorkshire puddings and unlimited seasonal vegetables.

Image: Gaucho Manchester
Image: Gaucho Manchester

Just like if you were at home, you can eat four servings (or more) without judgment, as long as you squeeze them for the allotted time.

Served on Sunday afternoons from 12pm to 5pm, as part of the offer you can choose from three different meat joints and there is no table limit – so even if you are a large group you can always come and celebrate together.

Alternatively, Gaucho diners can opt for the Beef and a Bottle offering, which gives diners the opportunity to sample smooth bottles of red, white and pink alongside an ever-changing steak menu featuring premium cuts of steak. changing as well as unlimited fries and chimichurri sauce for £60 each.

Image: Gaucho

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All of Gaucho’s beef is raised in Argentina’s fertile Las Pampas region on 45 hand-selected farms. Raised by trusted restaurant partners, the cattle are left free range and graze on seventeen different types of grass before being sent to the slaughterhouse.

The meat is then wet-aged to produce both vibrant flavor and a melt-in-the-mouth texture, which is only available at Gaucho, as the majority of steakhouses in Manchester only offer meats aged to dry.

To learn more and make a reservation, head to the Gaucho website here. You can see the details of the menu offer here

Feature Image – Gaucho Manchester

Elisha A. Tilghman