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Operation “Bad Tuscan”: Counterfeit Luxury Wine Ring Broken by Eagle-Eyed Caribinieri in Year-Long Investigation

Italy’s renowned caribinieri are admirably sharp detectives of stolen or falsified Italian goods, be it Gucci counterfeits, Renaissance oils, antiques or, indeed, the finest drink. . It was therefore with a minimum of quiet celebration that two eagle-eyed financial police officers stumbled upon a recent and suspicious case of Bolgheri Sassicaia – a so-called “super Tuscan” wine from the famous Tenuta San Guido winery which is retails for around $ 400 a bottle. According to Florentine prosecutors who announced the case, police officers literally found a case lying on the street in Empoli, Tuscany. Two cell phone numbers officers found on a note inside the case led to the investigation.

The ring had a wide and professional reach: Customers in Russia, Hong Kong and China had ordered – in the past – credible cases of this product. The nominal wine inside the bottles masquerading as real was vinified in Sicily, a terroir about as far away from Tuscany as possible and still produce something that passes for Italian wine and a location for some of the oldest and most practiced criminal families in the world. The ring had the cases and labels made in Bulgaria, again, a place of Eastern European criminal families with superb technological capabilities and tentacles of influence reaching Western Europe, and the bottles were coming from Turkey.

Fortunately for the Italian Guardia di Finanza and for the Tenuta San Guido winery, investigators were, according to Florentine prosecutors who will prosecute the suspects father and son, able to prevent some 4,000 bottles from reaching the market. During the police raid on the warehouse where the two suspects were labeling bottles to be marketed, the labels affixed came from the famous 2015 vintage, recently ranked “best” red in the world by Wine spectator.

Financial Police Colonel Dario Sopranzetti said the suspects were producing some 700 files a month, and added that his investigators had not yet determined how long the operation had been going on. From telephone interceptions during the investigation, detectives were able to determine that the current charge was destined for South Korea, at an extremely suspicious bargain price of 500 euros per case. Normally, Bolghieri Sassicaia cases sell for between 1800 and 2400 euros for twelve bottles. The market value of the 4,000 bottles seized, or about 330 cases at a 70% discount from the counterfeiters, would have been approximately $ 170,000. Assuming a median price of $ 2,000 per case, if that price is now findable, the market value of 330 cases of the real thing would have been between $ 600,000 and $ 700,000.

Colonel Sopranzetti admired the quality of the treatment of counterfeiters during the press conference: “The bottles and the packaging were perfectly identical to the originals”, he declared. “Even the weight of the tissue paper was the same.”

In other words, the counterfeiters were sophisticated enough – and the operation was meticulously planned enough – to have delivered similar “outside” packaged value to their customers, if not in the actual product in the bottles, than the real Tenuta San Guido the winegrowers do it. The attention to detail of the counterfeiters testifies to their thoroughness and the fact that the operation was several times larger than them. Eleven other suspects are currently under investigation but are not yet under arrest.

Frankly speaking, it looks like there is more to come in the highly entertaining “Bad Tuscan” operation. Perhaps the most interesting question that remains unanswered is one that will hopefully be asked of counterfeiters, and that is: why do they price their product so strangely low?

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Demand for luxury wine cabinets explodes during lockdown – Show House

Spiral Cells, which offers a range of luxury wine storage solutions ranging from high-end cellars to beautiful handcrafted wine cellars, is targeting home builders following increased demand.

Spiral Cellars reported a huge increase in inquiries during the Covid-19 lockdown, with its website recording 130% more traffic in March and April this year.

These figures show that people are using the extra time at home to explore their wine collections and start looking for ways to organize them. Customers also have more time to research and take on projects they previously didn’t have time for when spending long days in the office.

Now, Spiral Cellars is targeting the construction and home improvement market with the launch of its new KIT ​​Spiral Cellars.

A Spiral Cellar KIT enables a construction or construction crew to independently install a luxury underground wine cellar without having to engage the additional services of a Spiral Cellars installation team.

Managing Director Lucy Hargreaves said: “We have had a huge increase in inquiries this year which has not slowed down after the lockdown, indicating a lasting trend as people move from city life to homes in the city. more spacious luxury outside the big cities. With wine sales exploding this year and our assisted kits making our eponymous product more affordable, Spiral Cellars offers the ultimate solution for customers looking to house their growing wine selections in a stylish and elegant way.

A detailed installation manual provides instructions on how to dig and prepare the hole for the cellar, then, when ready, the cellar is supplied in a modular format ready to be installed by the construction crew.

For construction crews who think they would benefit from installation assistance, Spiral Cellars has also introduced an “Assisted KIT” installation option.

The Assisted KIT offers customers the on-site presence of a Spiral Cellars installation manager to help them undertake, support and advise on the more complicated aspects of the installation. A cellar purchased in ‘KIT Assisted’ benefits from a full cellar guarantee.

Spiral Cellars saw a huge increase in inquiries during the Covid-19 period, with a 130% increase in traffic to its website during the lockdown. Demand for cellars and cellars has doubled compared to the same period last year.

Spiral Cellars believe this is due to several reasons:

  • The lockdown exposed the limitations of not having a home wine cellar.
  • Likewise, he highlighted the key benefit of a home cellar – the luxury and convenience of having your entire wine collection at home to choose from on a whim.
  • Eliminating daily trips gave potential customers more time. Some use this time to research and undertake projects, such as creating a home cellar, that they always wanted but didn’t have time for before.

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The best luxury wine gifts 2020

When it comes to shopping for gifts, finding the right gift can be a daunting task, especially for someone who “has it all”. It’s always easier when you have a good idea of ​​their passions and hobbies – including wine – because it’s much easier to shop more efficiently.

With that in mind, if you know someone who is passionate about their wine and considers themselves to be a connoisseur, then we’re sure the following gifts will be a great fit. Alternatively, if you’re just looking to treat yourself to some new wine accessories and gadgets, you’ve come to the right place.

While you’re at it, why not browse our luxury wine guide to try out this International Wine Day?

Arguably the best wine innovation in decades, Coravin allows wine lovers to taste it by the glass without compromising the entire bottle. This means that wines that you have kept in the cellar for years can be tasted and enjoyed, but also savored for years to come.

Coravin gives wine lovers the opportunity to test if their cellar wines are at their full potential and takes the pressure off of having to consume one bottle at a time. The needles work on all cork bottles and removable screw caps, so you can keep the bottles uncapped and enjoy it by Coravin.

£ 329 at

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If sabrage isn’t already one of their party tricks, now is the time to give them the weapons to learn. Who wouldn’t be impressed by someone opening a bottle of champagne with a saber? This one in all its glory deserves a special place in any wine cellar.

119 £ from

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The impossible wine collection by Assouline

Travel through America’s best wineries in this visually stunning and informative book, which covers United States wine history and trends while sharing an overview of the most collectable wines. It comes in a wooden box and makes a wonderful gift for any wine lover.

£ 775 at Farfetch

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Connoisseur Box L’Atelier du Vin Oeno

This gorgeous Connoisseur set has everything everyone needs to get by, beautifully packaged in a box featuring famous wine regions of the world. Complement different style bottle openers, bottle caps and a bottle thermometer, it even has an apron to make sure the owner is looking at the room.

The case includes:

  • Bilame Anniversary corkscrew
  • Boy Bottle Opener
  • Sheet cutter
  • Oeno Motion Lever corkscrew
  • Thermometer
  • Cork opener
  • Universal Developer
  • On / Off Gard’vin vigneron
  • Bubble cork
  • Cork
  • Apron

$ 595 on

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Every winemaker should have a wine decanter and sometimes the flashier the better. This Riedel Crystal Horn Decanter is a decanter that would look fantastic even when empty on a shelf, or center stage in the middle of your dining table when entertaining.

€ 533 at Harrods

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>> Read our guide to the best white wine glasses

Lorenzi Milano Travel Wine Box

Wine time, anytime! This luxury travel set is the fanciest picnic companion that lets you enjoy great wine on the go, keep it tidy and well presented at the same time. Crafted from fine brown leather and with plenty of straps to ensure a secure fit, we’re sure this luxury gift will impress any wine expert.

$ 2,315 on

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Pulling the cork on some bottles is a tough task with a big payoff (mostly). This device from Cuisinart gives your muscles a little rest and ensures a clean and orderly removal of the cap with the film cutter. With the push of a button, the caps will be removed by the wireless device and you can reseal the bottles with the included vacuum sealer.

€ 44 at Harrods

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Sometimes it is the whimsical gifts that fall best. This champagne cork stool is very trendy with wine lovers and will fit perfectly into any wine cellar or tasting station. It’s about building your brand and being on the brand and if so, it will be a great conversation starter.

£ 142.50 at Amazon

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Aveine smart wine aerator

Over-aerating your wine can sometimes compromise flavor, but the Aveine aerator takes the guesswork out of it for you. Download the easy to use app with which you scan the bottle label and ask it to calculate how much it needs to be aerated. You then adjust the delay on the aeration device and pour!

£ 340 at Amazon

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Ackley Beverage Group launches Landlines Estates, a new luxury wine brand

“When we discovered Tidalstar Vineyard in 2016, we knew that its ideal terroir combined with the highest standards of sustainable agriculture would produce exceptional and unique wines from the Willamette Valley,” said Rudy Marchesi, head winemaker of fixed estates and president of Demeter United States. “This first version of Landlines is a superb expression of what this very special vineyard has to offer.”

Ackley Beverage Group has assembled a team of expert wine growers, growers and winemakers to show the full range of what this unique micro-site can produce. The thoughtful collaboration of wine producers offers decades of experience in biodynamic and organic viticulture and artful winemaking.

The inaugural version of Landlines Estates is from the 2017 vintage and will be available for the first time in December of this year. Each of the four wines reflects various expressions of the vineyard and is produced in extremely limited quantities. With the purchase of 12 bottles, three of each wine, individuals will join the Landlines Estates Founders Club and be guaranteed future vintages and other benefits. Due to the limited quantities produced, this initial allocation will be on a first come, first served basis.

The launch of Landlines Estates adds to Ackley Beverage Group’s growing portfolio of wine brands. With professional and financial capital, they helped Montinore Estate build their national awareness and last year purchased 177 acres in YamhillCarlton to build a new state-of-the-art production facility, a 100-acre vineyard and several tasting rooms. The investment group is actively seeking acquisition opportunities to develop its wine partners in Washington and Oregon.

About Ackley Beverage Group
Ackley Beverage Group, a SeattleA family-owned investment company dedicated to supporting premium wine brands throughout the Northwest, providing financial and professional resources to partners in the wine industry. They are committed to ensuring the continuity and management of a wine estate’s unique heritage, while providing the necessary resources to partners so that they realize their greatest potential. In addition to capital, the company provides professional support in management, operations, sales and marketing. To learn more, visit

About landline domains
Landlines Estates makes small, separate batches of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay sourced from Tidalstar Vineyard in YamhillCarlton. A small team of winegrowers, winegrowers and winegrowers was brought together to show the full range of expression of this very particular vineyard. To learn more, visit

SOURCE Ackley Beverage Group

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00 Wines seeks to innovate the luxury wine market

When Chris Hermann started 00 Wines of Willamette Valley, Oregon, with his late father Richard Hermann in 2013, he didn’t anticipate the growth and recognition the small family business would soon receive.

The passion project started with five barrels of Pinot Noir – the first batch of an experimental vintage, followed by a widely released vintage in 2015.

Then, in 2019, the family business experienced its first triumph in the industry. In a ranking of over 3,000 American wines, James Suckling recognized an Oregon Chardonnay on his annual list of Top 100 American Wines of 2019 – the Willamette Valley Eola-Amity Hills Freya Hermann Cuvée 2017.

“We feel that we have the opportunity to be in the pantheon of the great emblematic chardonnays of the world. “- Chris Hermann

Describing its “wild, reductive and flinty aromas, and notes that the wine hits the sweet spot of great modern chardonnay winemaking,” Willamette Valley Chardonnay was listed at number 35.

This recognition propelled the wine producer into the global luxury wine market. In a statement, Chris says the accolade reinforces the winery’s mission to establish premium luxury wines in Oregon and to push the boundaries of chardonnay in the region.

“There hasn’t been a truly successful, internationally successful small family-owned ultra-luxury wine-making business based in the Willamette Valley,” says Chris.

“00 Wines has grown exponentially over the past year, garnering top reviews from wine critics and aficionados, and gaining a loyal following of wine club members around the world.

“Our model borrows from the first European luxury houses managed by small families including Krug, Bollinger and the small luxury estates of Burgundy.”

00 Wines also uses the technique of making black chardonnay – a method practiced for 100 years in Burgundy, which intentionally uses oxidation.

00 wines

“Once the Chardonnay grapes are pressed, no sulfite is added, so the juice in the press tank immediately oxidizes to a dark brown color. The cloudy juice, rich in suspended matter, passes directly into French oak barrels without settling or racking, ”says Chris.

“The result of making black chardonnay for 00 Wines creates a tasty and complex American chardonnay with maximum tannins extracted from the grape skins. “

“Wine is a beverage consumed around the world that everyone can enjoy, and we love to be part of something that universally unites people.” – Catherine Hermann

Additionally, as a producer of luxury chardonnay, Chris points out that while the best chardonnay was essentially approached in the old world, the Willamette Valley has access to the best chardonnay from around the world.

“00 Wines intends to push the boundaries and produce the best high quality New World Chardonnay using old world methods,” he said. The CEO magazine.

“We feel that we have the opportunity to be in the pantheon of the great emblematic chardonnays of the world. ”

00 wines

Owners Chris and Kathryn Hermann

One of the highlights of the vineyard was its Corton-Charlemagne 2017, produced in partnership with the international team of winemakers from 00 Wines from the cool climate regions of Burgundy and Champagne directly involved in the operation of the sites of the grands crus. .

The 00 Corton-Charlemagne 2017 highlights the terroir of the Colline de Corton through flavors, mineral tension and dense texture, resulting in a structured wine with a long finish.

“We use our passion to create a superior product that we can ship to people all over the world, and that makes them happy,” notes owner Kathryn Hermann.

“We have the opportunity to work interculturally with our international team of winegrowers in France and with members of wine clubs from all over the world in places such as Scandinavia and Asia.

“Wine is a drink consumed around the world that everyone can enjoy, and we love to be part of something that universally unites people,” she says.

Like many wineries during the pandemic, the search for labor, maintaining a socially remote harvest and winemaking space, and the inability to travel have had a huge impact.

00 Wines also shares a winemaking space with 16 other winemakers at the Carlton Winemaking Studio. Therefore, a possible outbreak of COVID-19 could have a substantial impact on many wineries.

Travel restrictions have also caused a lot of disruption for the bi-continental wine producer. 00 Wines has three winemakers who generally travel between the United States and France to test and make blends. However, as there is no travel this year, the tastings were all conducted by Zoom.

“We have expanded our international DTC program and now have wine club members in at least five different countries,” adds Kathryn. “We are currently working with FedEx to coordinate the ability to ship direct to consumers.”

There are many plans for the future of 00 Wines. Kathryn says the company is looking to expand its French programs in the near future, particularly its Champagne Grand Cru project.

“We also seek to be at the forefront when it comes to providing fine wines to customers around the world from our headquarters in Willamette Valley, Oregon. “

00 wines

Join the 00 Wines club

Earlier this year, 00 Wines celebrated the launch of its Very Good Wine Club for collectors and lovers of rare Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

The club gives members access to the realm of wine making and luxury wine experiences, and gives access to exclusive wine benefits, ranging from special prices, private tastings and access to exclusive outings.

Additionally, all attendees have access to member-only wines, including single-vineyard micro-lots and French wines.

“The Very Good Wine Club is an opportunity to provide personalized programming that meets the needs of our distinguished customers,” Kathryn said in a statement.

“As a family business, we know the value of relationships and look for every opportunity to interact, build friendships and get to know our collectors firsthand. “

00 wines

Very Good Wine Club memberships

Amphora Pinot Noir subscription

Membership is priced at US $ 425, which excludes taxes and shipping. It includes six bottles of Pinot Noir VGR 2018 sent to the Northern Hemisphere in the fall.

Chardonnay Noir subscription

For US $ 479 excluding postage and local taxes, wine lovers will be entitled to three bottles of Chardonnay VGW 2018 and three bottles of Chardonnay EGW 2018 (Extra Good White) shipped in the spring from the Northern Hemisphere.

Membership of collectors

For US $ 497 excluding taxes and shipping, members will receive two bottles of Pinot Noir VGR 2018, two bottles of Pinot Noir Shea 2018 and two bottles of Pinot Noir Hyland 2018 in the Northern Hemisphere in the fall.

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Ricky Ponting tries his hand at luxury wine

Ricky Ponting’s wine is available now.

A cricketer making Shiraz doesn’t immediately look like a natural career progression, but even a novice can say that Ricky Ponting’s first foray into the wine world isn’t so bad. Conceptualized in late 2019 and coming true during the COVID-19 lockdown, Ponting and his wife, Rianna, took their isolation project to the next level with the launch of Ponting Wines.

Teaming up with winemaker Ben Riggs to make sure the drips fall well, the former Australian captain has spent a lot of time (almost a year) perfecting each bottle and choosing which regions are right for the grape.

Beginning with four bottles, a Sauvignon Blanc, a Pinot Noir, a Shiraz and a Cabernet Sauvignon, Ricky and Rianna have bet on a combination of their own love of wine and the expertise of their winemakers. Which for a weekday wine drinker and cricketer like this writer is a winning combination.

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“It’s really a godsend. We had nothing to do during the lockdown other than home schooling for three children. It gave us something positive to focus on, ”said Rianna at the virtual launch event, where the famous cricket couple shared the inspirations behind each of the bottles.

The four wines available through the new range from Ricky Ponting.
The four wines available through the new range from Ricky Ponting.

“I have a little story to tell about each of the wines… there will be constant adjustment and evolution,” Ricky told the audience, going through each of the tasting notes. From sauv blanc “First Pitch” (“the first session of a test match was very special for me”) to cabernet “Close of Play” (“when the game was over and the crowd was gone, those were the moments. specials ”) each wine has a story to tell.

And from a wine drinker who knows less about tannins and more about whether it goes well with tagliatelle, I can firmly say that I enjoyed Ricky’s wine. In particular, the Pinot and Shiraz, which I found excellent, accompanied by a Friday night cheese platter and a shoulder of lamb. Ad test, right?

The packaging isn’t bad either, with a luxe embossed label with subtle hints of Ricky’s past life in the field.

“The most important thing is that they are tasty. They have to be satisfactory, ”noted Riggs. Riggs has worked on a number of celebrity launches in the past, including Backline Wines, the project of former Wallaby teammates Adam Ashley-Cooper, Matt Giteau and Drew Mitchell.

But according to Riggs and Ponting, this is not a single successful celebrity project in the headlines, Shane Warne’s foray into the wine industry in 2002. In fact, Ricky and Rianna have been involved in every step of the way.

Discussing pinot noir – an ultra light and easy to drink drop – the cricketer explains the choice of Tamar Valley in Tasmania. “This particular winery is probably 10 or 15 minutes from where I grew up. With Ben, we sat there on a finished product and we sat around the mixer and worked for a while until we found what felt right to us.

And the result is tasty and easy to drink, at least for Ricky, who Riggs said wasn’t very good at letting go while tasting. “We’re still working on Ricky to learn how to spit,” he laughed.

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The subjects

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Covid-19 Cuts Luxury Wine Sales, Says Treasure Wine Estates

Treasury Wine Estates says its profits fell 14% in Asia last year.

The decline in luxury sales during Covid-19 restrictions impacted sales at Treasury Wine Estates (TWE), with net profit down 25% as a result.

In results released today, TWE said that an “unfavorable volume and portfolio mix” in the second half through June was due to the closure of high-end restaurants and to consumers who pulled out. turned to low-priced wines in certain markets. Sales in the United States have been particularly affected by the pandemic.

Total sales fell 6 percent to $ 2.65 billion, while net income attributable to shareholders was $ 315.8 million.

TWE’s key brands include Beringer, Wynns Coonawarra, Lindemans, Wolf Blass and Penfolds.

CEO Tim Ford said the last fiscal year was “a unique moment” for the company.

“Our ability to weather the disruption of the Covid-19 pandemic throughout the second half of the year and continue to generate profitability and strong cash flow performance is representative of the fundamental strength of our global business. “

Revenues in the Americas fell 37% as channels other than retail and e-commerce were shut down to enforce social distancing. Profits in Asia fell 14 percent and Australia and New Zealand fell 16 percent.

In Europe and the Middle East, a strong performance in the UK distribution channel was offset by declines in Continental Europe, the Middle East and Africa due to channel closures.

Meanwhile, the company said the volume of Australian vintages fell 30% this year, with luxury wine consumption down 45%. Higher production costs in Australia will likely increase the cost of goods by about 3% per case, or $ 50 million. However, the company has a stock of unsold wine which will ensure stable volumes on the market.

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ReserveBar is an online boutique for luxury wines and spirits. I was impressed with its selection of premium spirits and the shipping experience

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more.

  • ReserveBar is an online luxury spirit and wine store specializing in rare bottles, gift boxes and fine glasses.
  • You probably won’t want to buy your everyday beer or bottle of table wine here (you can buy these things at more affordable prices elsewhere).
  • When the time comes for a special occasion, however – especially an engraving or a last minute order – the ReserveBar is a must-have.


This content is intended for readers aged 21 and over. Please drink responsibly. If you or someone you know is dealing with alcohol abuse, get help. The Addiction and Mental Health Administration National Helpline at 1-800-662-HELP (4357) offers free, confidential, 24/7 referral and information service.

ReserveBar is an online delivery platform offering everything from low and mid-range wines and spirits to very tippy-top (think Armand de Brignac Blanc de Blancs and Remy Martin Louis XIII), all available in premium gift packaging. range.

Thinking of giving someone special a vintage rosé from Perrier Jouet? Well, why not add a pair of Waterford crystal champagne flutes? A bottle of Jefferson’s Reserve bourbon in small quantities? Why not have it engraved? Of course, no one will make you ashamed to treat yourself, but that doesn’t mean you have to forgo glasses, bottle holders, and fancy prints.

What is ReserveBar

ReserveBar can be a wonderful website for finding the right high end bottle or special gift, especially when it comes to champagne, wine, liquor, personalized engraving, bar sets, and more. Again.

What to buy at ReserveBar

Looking for a rare vintage wine or a select little bottle of bourbon – perhaps the elusive 23-year-old Pappy Van Winkle’s Family Reserve? ReserveBar has it. A prodigious bottle of Cognac or Champagne for a special occasion? Something, or anything, in a pretty box or tote? ReserveBar has it all, too.

Every now and then you’ll find great promotions, whether it’s on delivery or credit when you buy a certain number of bottles at a time. At the time of this update, shipping is free on orders of $ 150 or more with the code “SHIP150“.

What to buy elsewhere

We don’t usually turn to ReserveBar when restocking the bottom and middle shelves of our liquor cabinet or when buying old beer or regular wine.

For example, a fifth of ReserveBar’s Bulleit Bourbon is $ 43 (down from the usual $ 46). It’s not a deal, especially when charges $ 34 and Drizly is $ 32. While you will usually find your regular brands offered cheaply elsewhere, it’s worth digging into ReserveBar for these kinds of offers.

Or if you’re a Tito’s craft vodka drinker, your best option is to call your local liquor store first to see if they run their own delivery service. If they are, chances are it’s your cheapest option. I went through the checkout process at ReserveBar competitors and Drizly for a fifth of Tito to find that you’re going to pay almost $ 40, if not $ 50, for what should be a $ 20 bottle (at give or take a few dollars), thanks to the shipping and handling fees of the sites (taxes obviously vary from state to state).

As long as your local retailer doesn’t raise their prices too much, you probably won’t pay more than $ 30 for that same delivery, not to mention it will likely arrive within an hour. Support your local retailers when and where you can, but also when and where it suits you financially.

How the reserve bar works

Reserve bar

Before you begin shopping, select the state in which you would like your order shipped from the top right section of the screen, just below “Customer Service” and to the left of “Corporate Gifts”.

Then, and this is perhaps our favorite part of ReserveBar, you can shop by category and subcategory based on everything from vintage to gift boxes, limited offers and quality. This type of curation is smart and useful; for example, under Scotch, the drop-down tab allows you to choose between “luxury”, “single malt” and “blended”.

If it’s within your budget, the “Rare and Exceptional” selection is worth a visit and a potential sip.

The ordering process

Before ordering anything, browse the website and check out the retailer’s Facebook page, which often posts offers that you might not find otherwise.

We ordered from ReserveBar as regular customers using a gift code on April 15, afternoon, and our box arrived April 21 at noon, by Economy or Ground shipping. Everything was safe and sound thanks to the empty boxes and bubble wrap. I opted for a few gift boxes for the occasions to come as well as one for myself: a bottle of Dom Ruinart Blanc de Blanc 2007, a bottle of Goslings Family Reserve Old Rum with a pair of Dartington glasses and a bottle of Remy Martin XO, also with a pair of glasses (Remy Martin). Prices were comparable elsewhere, and while some items cost a few dollars more on ReserveBar, I felt it was worth it when my purchases arrived so elegantly packaged.

It is important to know that some wines and spirits cannot be shipped to certain states. On the right side of each product page, you’ll find a list of where that particular bottle can be shipped. The liquor laws in the United States are delicate; add online delivery and it’s a conundrum, not so much for you as for the retailers.

As with any liquor delivery service, ReserveBar requires that a person 21 years of age or older be present with a valid ID to accept the order.

Does ReserveBar have any offers?


While many of these products are available at other popular online liquor stores, ReserveBar stands out for its luxury packaging and personalization, as well as occasional but exceptional sales, like the White Walker edition (Game of Johnnie Walker’s Thrones) for $ 39 (you save $ 26) or Hennessy VSOP Privilege for $ 55 (you save $ 10), which are running now.

For free shipping on orders of $ 150, use the code “SHIP150“.

The bottom line

ReserveBar is the place to go when you want to give a personalized gift, or something a little more special than a generic bottle of scotch or Bourdeaux with a nylon bow on it. This is where you turn for personalized prints, crystal and bar sets, gift baskets filled with premium liquors and luxury snacks, and more. ReserveBar is not designed to facilitate regular ordering, and while you will find a selection of mid and low brands, it will be helpful for you to shop around before finalizing your purchase.

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Why Palmaz Vineyards is Napa’s most distinctive luxury winery

Few Napa Valley wineries – or none in the world for that matter – can claim a history and ownership as compelling as that of Palmaz Vineyards. With its combination of Argentinian roots, 19th century California history, the depth and breadth of fine wines, an ambitious culinary program, and breathtaking architecture and technology, Palmaz Vineyards can easily claim the title of Napa’s most distinctive luxury winery.

Amalia and Julio Palmaz, co-founders and co-presidents of the winery born in Buenos Aires

Passionate about gastronomy, wine and the preservation of the land, Amalia and Julio Palmaz, the Buenos Aires-born co-founders and co-chairs of the winery, combine tradition and technology both in their legendary Napa vineyard and their Genesee Valley cattle ranch located in the heart of California’s legendary Gold Country, surrounded by the National Forest. from Plumas. Both are family owned and both employ the highest standards to produce products of unsurpassed quality and luxury. Here are the five ways that Palmaz Vineyards sets itself apart:

Brasas asado dinner
Brasas Asado

A taste of Argentina

Palmaz Vineyards offers a gastronomic club emblematic of its Argentinian heritage, “The Brasas Food & Wine Society”. Club members have access to exclusive vineyard events such as ‘Asado’, a traditional Argentinian barbecue featuring beef from the family’s prestigious and exclusive Genesee Valley Ranch 100% Black Wagyu cattle herd, for which Brasas members can sign up to take home the delivered beef, which pairs perfectly with the Cabernet / Malbec blend reserved for Palmaz members, the Brasas.

grapes from the Palmaz vineyard

19th century history

The historic ownership of Palmaz Napa Valley dates back to the 19th century when Henry Hagen founded Cedar Knoll Vineyard and Winery in 1881. (“The Napa Valley road where Palmaz Vineyards sits is named after Hagen.”) Hagen has become a true pioneer of Napa Valley; its remarkable wines were presented at the San Francisco Opera and served to prominent people in the city, and its Cedar Knoll brandy won a silver medal in a Parisian competition in 1889. After Hagen’s death in 1895, efforts The property’s winemaking process was abandoned until the Palmaz. The family bought the property almost 100 years later, and together Julio, Amalia and their children Florencia and Christian Gastón have restored it to its former glory.

wines from the vineyards of Palmaz

Variety of wines and styles

World-class Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay are the calling cards of most Napa Valley cellars. Palmaz Vineyards takes these business cards and elevates them to award-winning levels. The Palmaz family’s wine philosophy stems from their belief that science perfectly complements wine and wine traditions – a belief confirmed with every bottle of their world-class wines. The Palmaz estate comprises 610 sustainable acres; the vineyard includes 15 terroirs planted at various altitudes, each producing complex wines. A visit to Palmaz offers the chance to discover wines that deviate from the norm. Rosé, for example, might be everywhere right now, but the bottling of Palmaz is unique. Mostly Cabernet, it is fermented in oak barrels to produce a red wine drinker’s rosé. Visitors might be surprised to see Riesling in Palmaz. Fermented almost dry and without wood, it is a cellar white wine for seafood and spicy dishes. Palmaz Vineyards also produces Muscat grape juice as well as a Malbec / Merlot blend. Freshly squeezed and alcohol-free, it’s perfect for the kids or the designated driver.

Brasas Asado dinner at the Palmaz vineyard
Brasas Asado dinner

Gastronomic experiences

Palmaz Vineyards wine tastings always include a plate of small hor’s d’oeuvres. Customers might find shortbread cookies made from garden-grown rosemary and Meyer lemon, paired with an elegant and slightly sweet wine from Florencia Muscat. Guests can taste the estate’s olive oil made from the property’s 350 Arbequina, Manzanilla, Mission and Picholine olive trees. To enjoy a taste of the cellar at home, pick up a copy of the magnificent book Palmaz vineyards: at the table and around the fire, written by Florencia Palmaz and featuring over 130 recipes ranging from spicy melon sprouts with prosciutto straws to empanadas with ham and gruyere.

Palmaz vineyard

Breathtaking architecture, cutting edge technology

A marvel of form and function, the centerpiece of the Palmaz Estate is the Cave, an 18-story, 100,000-square-foot underground cave that took seven years to complete. La Cave provides gravity flow and a naturally cool environment in which the family combines the latest technologies with age-old know-how to make, among other grape varieties, their signature Palmaz Cabernet Sauvignon. The cave is highlighted by the Fermentation Dome, a high-tech FILCS (Fermentation Intelligent Logic Control System) aka “Felix” that projects surveillance data onto the ceiling like something straight out of a Hollywood movie.

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Penfolds to go on its own as a luxury wine brand

Treasury Wine Estates, owner of luxury winery Penfolds, is considering a split of its business to allow greater focus on its premium wines.

The company announced the results of a strategic review of its operations and said it would pursue an option of splitting its more commercial brands into a new publicly traded company, currently known as New TWE.

Penfolds accounts for 10 percent of Penfolds sales but accounts for 50 percent of profits, with its iconic Grange widely regarded as one of the best wines in the world.

In the event of a separation, Penfolds would retain the luxury wines in the company’s portfolio from Australia, Europe and the United States.

The new TWE would contain the company’s more commercial wines, which would be streamlined, and would also pursue a strategy of premiumization and increased margins.

Tim Ford, COO of TWE, said: “These initiatives will accelerate the separate focus on luxury and commercial portfolios, and will be implemented… to maximize potential gains on asset sales, minimize associated one-time cost impacts and minimize disruption to business performance.

Penfolds owns many brands, including Australian brands Lindemans, Wolf Blass, Seppelt, Wynns Coonawarra, Pepperjack, Rawson’s Retreat and Rosemount Estate.

In the United States, it has a similar range led by the Beringer brand.

With so many commercial wine brands within the company competing for similar markets, divesting the underperforming will be a priority.

Once the split is complete, TWE will remain in the top 50 companies in ASX, while New TWE will be in the top 150.

President Paul Rayner said: “New TWE would remain the world’s largest globally integrated wine platform… (while) Penfolds is an Australian luxury icon.

TWE shares closed last night at $ 10.61, valuing the company at $ 6.7 billion

Image: TWE

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