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Spiral Cells, which offers a range of luxury wine storage solutions ranging from high-end cellars to beautiful handcrafted wine cellars, is targeting home builders following increased demand.

Spiral Cellars reported a huge increase in inquiries during the Covid-19 lockdown, with its website recording 130% more traffic in March and April this year.

These figures show that people are using the extra time at home to explore their wine collections and start looking for ways to organize them. Customers also have more time to research and take on projects they previously didn’t have time for when spending long days in the office.

Now, Spiral Cellars is targeting the construction and home improvement market with the launch of its new KIT ​​Spiral Cellars.

A Spiral Cellar KIT enables a construction or construction crew to independently install a luxury underground wine cellar without having to engage the additional services of a Spiral Cellars installation team.

Managing Director Lucy Hargreaves said: “We have had a huge increase in inquiries this year which has not slowed down after the lockdown, indicating a lasting trend as people move from city life to homes in the city. more spacious luxury outside the big cities. With wine sales exploding this year and our assisted kits making our eponymous product more affordable, Spiral Cellars offers the ultimate solution for customers looking to house their growing wine selections in a stylish and elegant way.

A detailed installation manual provides instructions on how to dig and prepare the hole for the cellar, then, when ready, the cellar is supplied in a modular format ready to be installed by the construction crew.

For construction crews who think they would benefit from installation assistance, Spiral Cellars has also introduced an “Assisted KIT” installation option.

The Assisted KIT offers customers the on-site presence of a Spiral Cellars installation manager to help them undertake, support and advise on the more complicated aspects of the installation. A cellar purchased in ‘KIT Assisted’ benefits from a full cellar guarantee.

Spiral Cellars saw a huge increase in inquiries during the Covid-19 period, with a 130% increase in traffic to its website during the lockdown. Demand for cellars and cellars has doubled compared to the same period last year.

Spiral Cellars believe this is due to several reasons:

  • The lockdown exposed the limitations of not having a home wine cellar.
  • Likewise, he highlighted the key benefit of a home cellar – the luxury and convenience of having your entire wine collection at home to choose from on a whim.
  • Eliminating daily trips gave potential customers more time. Some use this time to research and undertake projects, such as creating a home cellar, that they always wanted but didn’t have time for before.

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