GET ANSWERS: Dunklin Bridge Road

PELZER, SC (FOX Caroline) – Thanks to your submissions we have come to know when Dunklin Bridge Road will be repaired and not just repaired.

This road is in Greenville County in the Pelzer area. It connects Mckelvey Road and Cowpens Bridge Road, paralleling Reedy River for almost nine miles.

Drivers describe the road as excessively bumpy. William Cooley has lived with these conditions for over 30 years.

“It’s horrible. It will be, literally, some of the places on this road will rip the steering wheel out of your hand,” Cooley said.

Cooley says the area has started to grow rapidly lately.

“Four years ago, my only neighbor was this house across from me until you came down about a mile down the road,” Cooley said.

Cooley says City Scape Winery has brought more traffic to the area. The state’s Department of Transportation says 800 vehicles use this route per day, on average. Even the owner of the winery, Joshua Jones, noticed the deterioration of the road.

“It’s quite bouncy. We have quite a few potholes on this road and a lot of uneven pavement,” Joshua said.

It’s a family business. Joshua’s father, Carl, now lives near Dunklin Bridge Road to help out. Carl says his wife doesn’t even like to ride a bike.

“The road is so rough. She likes to ride a bike. And it’s not comfortable going up and down that road when it’s so bumpy,” Carl said.

Potholes become heavy at the intersections of Arnold Road and Deverton Road.

“I’m not going down that way because of it, any more than I have to,” Cooley said, “It’ll keep your car messy.”

If someone messed up their car, they did not report it to SCDOT, as there are no recent reports of damage to the vehicle. Crews have filled five potholes in the past year.

“They haven’t really done much on this road in the last seven years that I know of other than fixing emergency potholes,” Joshua said.

He is right. The portion of the Dunklin Bridge between Hillside Church Road and the Laurens County line received what is called a micro-surface preservation treatment seven years ago. This is essentially when teams seal imperfections in the asphalt to keep the roads in good condition for the long term, but drivers want to see the rest improved.

“The best way to improve this road would be to do a resurfacing of the whole road,” Carl said.

The DOT says it has no further work planned for this road, but will review it as part of the 2025 pavement improvement program.

“We pay thousands and thousands of dollars every month in state taxes,” Joshua said, “and we just would like some of that money to be used to improve the road and give people a better experience when they drive here.”

Drivers have also complained about the time it took to rebuild the bridge over Dunklin Bridge Road. The SCDOT says the bridge was closed for repairs on March 3 and reopened on July 8.

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Elisha A. Tilghman