Maragas Winery Wins 11 Medals at Prestigious San Francisco Wine Competition

CULVER, Ore. (KTVZ) — Doug Maragas, winemaker at Maragas Winery, returned from Friday’s San Francisco Chronicle wine competition judging with a smile — and a bounty of 11 prizes, including two golds and two doubles gold medals.

Doug said he was “incredibly grateful for so many things, and having confirmation of our winemaking and traditional European wine grape viticulture abilities at our central Oregon winery and vineyard is top of the list. Although we have consistently won medals in the competition for the past 13 years, this year was a breakthrough in the double gold category and confirmation that our wines are world class. origin considered highly unlikely for success by the community, winery, and even State of Oregon.”

The San Francisco Chronicle is a blind wine competition (unlike magazine rankings, where they know which wines are tasted). It continues to be the most prestigious and important American wine competition in the world.

Maragas Winery, established in 1999, is a small winery with two vineyards in central Oregon dedicated to organic viticulture and naturally produced wine. With very low intervention techniques originating in Greece, Maragas prides itself on the integrity of its wines. Their self-imposed limits on creating wine with just four natural ingredients have been central to the method used in the Maragas family for hundreds of years.

You can find Maragas Wines online at, or at Maragas Winery, just ten minutes north of Redmond Oregon at 15523 SW Hwy 97, Culver, Oregon.

Elisha A. Tilghman