Maria Sole Ferragamo takes her Sotheby’s Luxury Edit on tour

Maria Sole Ferragamo takes her Sotheby’s luxury montage to New York and Paris

Sole Studio’s Sleek Edition Maria Sole Ferragamo Goes On Tour

Maria Sole Ferragamo of Sole Studio, currently guest curator at Sotheby’s, is about to make her international choices, as her Sotheby’s Luxury Edit goes on tour.

The jewelry designer has compiled a stylish selection, from watches and jewelry to sneakers, handbags, wines and spirits for the sale, which is set to visit New York, Paris and Milan after opening in London earlier in September 2022.

Maria Sole Ferragamo

“I am so grateful to have been chosen by Sotheby’s to be their first Luxury Edit curator,” says Ferragamo. “It was great to exercise my creative skills in a different way: as a curator rather than as a creator. I really enjoyed going through all these amazing objects, recognizing their beauty and feeling their energy. .

It was a natural move for Ferragamo, which brings a distinctive aesthetic to Sole Studio, creating architecturally inspired pieces that subscribe to sustainable codes. On the occasion of the Sotheby’s sales, Ferragamo draws on these values ​​to create a limited series of unique pieces inspired by the city hosting the Luxury Edit.

“I decided to create one wearable sculpture design per city, inspired by an iconic historic building,” she adds. “There are so many incredible architectural works in the three cities, so it was a difficult choice, but in the end I decided that the common thread that should connect them all should be that they were inaugurated after 2000 and that they had prominent and very characteristic geometric patterns.’

Maria Sole Ferragamo

The New York piece was inspired by Heatherwick Studio’s The Vessel and the London one by Norman Foster’s The Great Hall of the British Museum, while the Paris design nods to the Louis Vuitton Foundation.

“All the pieces are made with recycled leather that I found in factories around Tuscany,” says Ferragamo. “They play with illusion and distortion, appearing heavy and cold, but revealing their warmth and lightness when worn. Creating this collection allowed me to implement new techniques with our craftsmen. Their construction was difficult and it took many iterations to achieve the effortless balance of a clean, precise design.

Maria Sole Ferragamo

Elisha A. Tilghman