Napa Valley’s Vice Versa plans to build ‘fireproof’ winery and winery in Calistoga

Vice Versa Winery plans to open a new winery and winery at an estate vineyard in Calistoga in late summer.

“The construction uses three dominant wall surfaces – Corten, a weather-resistant steel that seals when it rusts, Kalwall, an insulated translucent panel system, and glass,” the winery said in the announcement. “The lower production level is softly lit by Kalwall panels. The upper reception level offers 360 degree views from the fully glazed exterior walls. The covered crushing platform sits in the center of the ground floor of the winery, with a second level entertainment deck overlooking the production area. The crushing pavement opens to the hill behind, with the vines cascading down the hill, the tableau framed by the structure above.

Olle Lundberg of Lundberg Design will design the 10,000 square foot winery and cellar. Lundberg has also designed the cellars for Screaming Eagle, Ramey Wine Cellars, Hourglass Winery; and the restaurants Porte Oblique, Coing, Mourad and Farine + Eau, the announcement states.

“Olle’s designs are pure, modern, organic and holistic,” said Vice Versa founder Patrice Breton. “I wanted an avant-garde, timeless, unique and efficient design with clean lines, a structure that blends perfectly into the surrounding vineyard and a fireproof building.”

Elisha A. Tilghman