Relax and enjoy sweet sounds in the world of wine thanks to Genelec

Porto’s new cultural district, known as the “World of Wine” (WOW), includes a collection of museums, restaurants and bars that form an immersive journey through the region’s port production heritage. WOW’s management team decided to install a full, high-end audio system to guide people through the various exhibits and provide the immersive soundscapes that help make the venue unique. Genelec speakers were a natural choice, offering their signature combination of studio-quality sound, flexibility and reliability.

More than 400 Genelec loudspeakers are used in all spaces. The file was simple; to build an interactive experience that would attract, entertain and educate tourists on various aspects of Portugal’s cultural history. Genelec’s local distributor, Garrett Audiovisuais, an expert in providing complete audiovisual systems, won the contract and specified a long list of Genelec equipment, working with Gema Digital, the company responsible for creating most of the museum experiences. , from creation to international. project management including storytelling, multimedia production, AV installation, execution and maintenance. Gema Digital specializes in developing pioneering immersive and interactive experiences for events, brand activations and museums, with a portfolio that combines over 2000 projects in 14 different countries. At WOW, sound has been instrumental in creating an engaging experience that propels the visitor forward.

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“In each space, completely different environments are presented, and it was necessary for the sound design to reflect this change in dynamics”, explained Francisco Brandão of Gema Digital, emphasizing the importance of sound as an immersive component and its direct effect. on the atmosphere of a room. As you navigate WOW, specially designed soundscapes help immerse visitors in every part of the journey.

A chic room at Le Monde du Vin with soft sounds animated by Genelec.

(Image credit: Genelec)

The site includes seven different museum experiences and numerous restaurants, bars and shops. Gema Digital has designed and developed four museum experiences: The Wine Experience, Planet Cork, Porto Region Across the Ages and The Chocolate Story, all of different shapes and sizes. Nine different loudspeaker models were used throughout the project, including all 4000 series variants. Genelec loudspeakers were chosen primarily for exhibitions where their superior detail and intelligibility can shine. For example, the 7.1 surround sound systems located in the “Porto Region Across the Ages” and “The Wine Experience” auditoriums are composed exclusively of Genelec loudspeakers.

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“When we were consulted by Gema Digital about this project, they made it clear that they needed a loudspeaker that would suit different types of rooms and applications, but that would look very discreet,” said Raul Fernandes, sales director at Garrett Audiovisuais. on the decision. “Genelec’s crystal-clear sound signature is omnipresent in their models, but there are subtle differences in the choices for each room. That’s why we offered a combination of Architectural and 4000 Series models, as they can be adjusted very easily to the acoustics of the space, overcoming the difficulties usually present in older buildings or with materials that create too much reverberation.”

It was also important that the loudspeakers fit perfectly within their surroundings. Genelec’s AIC25 ceiling-mounted models predominate the installation; chosen for their subtlety and versatility, Gema Digital installed 192 of them on the site. Amplification for each AIC25 is provided via a remote RAM2 amplifier module, which also allowed technicians to tune the frequency response of the loudspeakers and help the AIC25s blend in with their surroundings in any environment. meaning of the term.

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Some of the larger models required a bit more creative thinking to ensure they remained hidden without compromising sound quality. “In the Civil War section of ‘Porto Region Across the Ages’, we made the decision to hide the Genelec 5041A in-wall active subwoofer in the set design, in the chimney,” Brandão recalled, “Similarly, in the jungle of ‘ The Chocolate Story”, we made the creative decision to position the speakers behind the wall of vegetation to give the impression that there are hidden animals along the entire wall, simulating the thriving wildlife of a real jungle. and conveying a 360-degree feeling of immersion.”

WOW is a shining example of how museums and similar attractions can embrace audio-visual technology to enhance the interactivity and immersive element of their exhibits.

Elisha A. Tilghman