Sotheby’s Auction House launches the second part of the wine brands

It is unusual for auction houses to sell directly to consumers. Yet a leading auction house has made its first foray into the wine retail market. Here is the second addition on what I learned about Sotheby’s new wine collection during a recent conversation I had with Jamie Ritchie, President of Sotheby’s Wine about the launch of the dozen new wines. The collection includes whites, reds, sparkling wines and rosés.

All responses have been edited for length and clarity.

LBZ: Will their sale compete with your auction business?

JR: No, they are completely separate and complementary.

LBZ: Will they be available in stores or simply at auction houses?

JR: The wines are currently available exclusively in our retail store in New York and online at – these are the only two retail channels to date.

LBZ: How are you going to market them?

JR: We’ll start with our retail business in New York.

LBZ: How have the sales been so far? How many bottles have you sold since the introduction of the range?

JR: While we have only recently launched the collection, so far we have received an overwhelmingly positive response.

LBZ: Will the wines be available in markets outside of New York?

JR: Wines can be purchased online at, delivery varying according to national or international regulations. They are also available in our New York store on York Avenue.

LBZ: Do you plan to complete the range?

JR: Yes, we intend to expand the range. Future collections will include wines from more countries and regions.

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