The Christmas movie shoot went so well at LaGrange that another one is planned

The Christmas movie shoot went so well at LaGrange that another one is planned

Posted at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, October 8, 2022

Over the past few weeks, Hollywood has come to town with production on the set of “A Perfect Christmas Paring” at Nutwood Winery and other locations in downtown LaGrange. On Tuesday, filming for the film officially wrapped.

Now, it looks like LaGrange could potentially have a role in at least one more movie.

Creative producer Dave Hickey said he and his team are looking to do more work at LaGrange and are currently scouting locations in LaGrange for a potential thriller.

Hickey said the experience filming in Troup County was amazing.

“It was a lot easier here than in Atlanta,” Hickey said. It was a really great experience, which is why we want to stay and keep doing more.

Although filming was a success, the company ran into problems housing the talent and production crew.

According to Hickey, the company usually places the film’s stars in a hotel.

The production team had to be split up. The talent, the director and one of the producers were placed in Home2 Suites by Hilton. Some of the other crew members were housed in cabins at Highland Pines Resort and Marina, he said.

Despite housing issues, the crew is reportedly preparing to begin filming a new movie on Monday at LaGrange.

“Because the shoot went so well and everyone was so supportive, we really want to give back,” Hickey said. “We help inject some money into the local economy with these movies by renting hotels, cabins, Air B&Bs, going to local restaurants and shops – so LaGrange is a really nice place and all the people are so nice.”

With the potential new film in the works, Hickey said finding local accommodation and crew members would be helpful.

“I met with Yson DeBlois from LaGrange College to try and win over some local crew members,” Hickey said. “We will try to use students or recent graduates who are hopefully still in the area or could work as locals.”

Like the holiday movie, Hickey said they would be looking for extras. However, unlike the Google form used for the last movie, there will be an email that interested parties can use to be an extra.

“In Christmas movies you always need more people, but with this one we’re only going to need a handful of people here and there,” Hickey said. “In this production, we hope to use real police officers.”

Hickey said he spoke with Chief Lou Dekmar of the LaGrange Police Department about using real police cars and off-duty officers to appear in the upcoming draft.

“Dekmar said they would try to work with us to get us real police cars into the project,” Hickey said.

Dekmar said the LPD is currently coordinating with Hickey to use certain LPD cars as props in the upcoming project.

At press time, most details about the second draft are unknown.

“A Perfect Christmas Pairing” is a made-for-TV movie set to air in 26 countries, but no US channel has been named.

“We had such a positive experience with everyone,” Hickey said. “We felt really welcome here, more than in other cities. We really like this place and don’t want to go there.”

Elisha A. Tilghman