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The Domaine de la Romanée Conti is undoubtedly the most important wine brand in the world. Collectors around the world are competing and competing aggressively for the total of around 8,000 cases of his eight extraordinary vineyard bottlings that are marketed and sold around the world. “DRC” wines are invariably the crown jewels of any wine collection. They have an unbroken history of appreciation in value due to the confluence of growing global wealth, small quantities manufactured, and superb quality year after year. In fact, in 2017 alone, DRC wines increased by 30% in value collectively. Such returns are hard to come by, even for the world’s most successful hedge funds and financial advisers.

A brief history. The history of Domaine de la Romanée Conti goes back hundreds of years in the economic and political turmoil of France. What eventually became the Domaine de la Romanée Conti changed hands and owners several times as political and economic circumstances swept through the 1600s until its birth into a single estate in 1869. This is the year where Jacques-Marie Duvault-Blochet bought the now legendary Romanée Conti vineyard, and the legend of the Domaine was officially born.

Incredible vineyards, rare bottles. The eight properties of the Domaine are extraordinary vineyards, maintained and cared for for generations. The two most famous of these vineyards are undoubtedly Romanée Conti (also a vineyard itself) and La Tache. The DRC owns these vineyards in their entirety, known in French wine law as “Monopole”. No one else can make these wines. The average annual production is only 400-500 cases for Romanée Conti and 1800-1900 cases for La Tache. The DRC also produces Richebourg, Romanée St. Vivant, Grands Echezeaux, Echezeaux, Corton and Montrachet, the most revered white wine on Earth. As few as 250 cases of DRC Montrachet are released each year, and only 1,500 cases on average of Romanée St. Vivant top the rankings so to speak, the rest being just as few.

A little taste. I have had the extraordinary good fortune to taste hundreds of bottles of wines produced by the DRC, and I count many of them as the best wines I have ever tasted. In fact, the best wine I have had was a bottle of 1945 DRC Romanee Conti. I also have a soft spot for 1971 DRC La Tache, one of their best vintages, which just happens to be my year of birth. Hope you enjoy my tasting notes below, tasted on different occasions.

“The [1945RDCRomanéeConti[1945RDCRomanéeConti lived up to the claim of being the best wine I have ever had. “WOW”, began my notes, “STILL AMAZING! Both 1923 and 1945 were hot and ripe vintages, and the 1945 even upped the intensity of the tannic 1937 up a notch; there was more meat, more soil, more leather, more soybeans … more of everything. The palate was incredibly long, lingering like what I imagine a multiple orgasm to be. Robust, rich, intense and hearty, the Romanée Conti 1945 is still the best wine I have ever had (99+). ”

“It quickly became even better, thanks to a Jeroboam from 1971 DRC La Tache. Big Boy bought us this jero; it doesn’t get better than that! 1971 is also my vintage, and I have had the good pleasure of having this wine more or less fifteen times, and it rarely does less than astonish. This jero was no exception; it ended up being the wine of the night for almost everyone. He had a fantastic nose, dusty at first and tight in jero. Aromas of meat, oil, brown sugar, broth and a hint of citrus reminded me of familiar ground. It was so young, full of acidity, a fantastic wine with stone walls around its rim, like any good Monopole should have. Fall and broth flavors mixed with red berries, citrus kisses and light dressings. Big Boy is never the type to be disappointed with his own bottles, but in this case, as often, he was right to say, “as flawless as ’71 La Tache is”. Tom Terrific said it was “the best bottle of wine he’s ever had,” and that was a big praise from Tom. Let’s just say it wasn’t his first wine dinner. There was no doubt who was going to rule this town tonight (98 + J). ”

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