These new luxury wine cabinets also serve as a centerpiece and prioritize the user experience

Wine connoisseurs now have more options to consider when it comes to choosing the right storage and centerpiece for their collections.

Last week, ASKO, known for its Scandinavian-inspired kitchen and laundry appliance designs that embrace both minimalism and a sense of timelessness, launched its Climate Wine Cabinet and Wine Aging Cabinet. in North America.

ASKO officially expanded to the United States in July 2022, but Brian Jones, Vice President of Marketing ASKO Americas, shared with Forbes that their latest release is an opportunity to showcase the brand in a “unique way, with a brand new product that [is] sure to represent ASKO’s premium quality and luxury feel outside of the typical laundry room and kitchen space. Both cabinets combine the intersection of modern luxury with contemporary technology.

The air-conditioned wine cellar contains three different temperature zones which are all isolated from each other, allowing up to 190 bottles per zone to be controlled at the optimum temperature for this grape variety. “As our close friend, Andreas Larsson, the world’s best sommelier, has expressed, wine should be served and enjoyed at the right temperature,” Jones shared of the inspiration behind the Cool, Warm, and Middle Zones. “We also took into account the art of food and wine pairings. Having three distinct storage temperatures ensures users have the perfect sipping companion for every dish. »

When it comes to wine service, Jones added that there is a central serving area to ensure the temperature remains consistent throughout a meal, whether it’s for one bottle of wine or up to six carafes. : “After putting so much love into preserving your wine and bringing it to the right temperature, it deserves to be served perfectly.

The Aging Wine Cellar can be installed as a stand-alone room or as an extension of the Climate Controlled Wine Cellar, however, it offers only one temperature zone to ensure consistent storage and aging of your favorite varietals up to to 261 bottles. Along with temperature controls, and of course moisture, UV and vibration protection, both models leverage technology to deepen the collector’s experience, from inventory management to custom pairings. .

Jones explained that the ConnectLife app can be used directly through the cabinet’s built-in camera or on a smartphone to scan the tags before storing them. “This system also allows you to track the location of each of your wine bottles, making it easy to keep track of a growing collection,” Jones said.

Another of its favorite features is the integration of Vivino, the wine app and marketplace, with the ConnectLife app. “The Vivino app will tell you which vineyards your wine is from and what foods are best to pair with it, making for an impressive dinner.”

Jones pointed out that this deliberate use of technology ensured that the new cabinets were as much about functionality as they were about convenience: “While offering the best storage solution, we also wanted to ensure that users could get the most out of their collections.

The three-zone Wine Climate Cabinet will be available in November across North America for $8,999 (UMRP) and the single-zone Wine Aging Cabinet will be available in December for $5,999 (UMRP).

Elisha A. Tilghman