Three Ways to Celebrate California Wine Month in September 2022

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Enjoy immersive harvest experiences and festivals, pair iconic California recipes and fresh produce with California wines, and support local wineries

September 6, 2022 – SAN FRANCISCO — September is California Wine Month, a time to celebrate the annual harvest season and raise a glass to the state’s vibrant wine community. As California winemakers and grape growers harvest more than 110 different varietals for the 2022 vintage, wine lovers around the country can join in the month-long festivities. These range from immersive harvest experiences to special wine tastings to wine festivals, as well as exciting ways to celebrate California Wine Month at home.

“California is America’s top wine producer, driven primarily by multi-generational family businesses,” said Robert P. Koch, President and CEO of Wine Institute. “California Wine Month celebrates the hard work of hundreds of thousands of employees in our wine community, the breakneck pace of innovation, and the exceptional wines coming out of the state.”

The California wine industry has played a vital role in the state’s culture and economy for over 250 years. California accounts for 81% of wine production in the United States and 95% of exports. Within the state’s 147 distinct wine regions, there are 621,000 acres of vineyards, 4,800 bonded wineries and nearly 6,000 grape growers.

“California’s diverse and expansive wine country is one of its top tourist draws,” said Caroline Beteta, President and CEO of Visit California. “From premium pairings and legendary vineyards to sustainable vineyards and neighboring barn tastings, there’s an experience – and a wine – for everyone to enjoy.”

California is also a leader in sustainability, with grape growers and grape growers in the state investing significant time and money in innovation and new processes to preserve the land and environment for future generations. . More than 2,400 vineyards have obtained certification under the Sustainable viticulture in California program, and over 80% of California wine is produced in a certified sustainable California winery.

Ways to Celebrate California Wine Month

1. Take part in events and experiences at California’s vineyards

More than 24 million people from around the world visit the state’s wine regions each year, and California Wine Month is one of the most exciting times to do so. And for those who live in California, wine country is only a short distance away. Join wineries across the state for over 40 harvest-themed events, activities and experiences — and more will continue to be added throughout September. These include behind-the-scenes winery and crushing ground tours, grape crushing contests, wine and food festivals, hands-on harvest experiences, charity wine auctions and more. For the latest details on the offers, visit the Discover the California Wines website.

2. Pair Iconic California Recipes with California Wine

It’s no coincidence that California wine pairs perfectly with farm-fresh produce and the state’s cutting-edge cuisine. To help consumers experience this delicious culinary connection at home, Discover California Wines has partnered with California Grown and Visit California to create the free “Iconic California Dishes to Celebrate California Wine Month” e-book, which you can can sign up to receive here. The book features recipes for dishes that evoke the state’s sunny, relaxed vibe, all paired with California wine and creative wine-based cocktails. Bring home the harvest with recipes like Avocado Salad with Hidden Valley Ranch-Style Dressing, Wine Country Chicken Salad, and California 75, a classic wine-based lemon cocktail with a literal and figurative twist. .

“We say what grows together, grows together,” said Cher Watte Angulo, executive director of California Grown. “Given that California provides over 50% of the country’s produce and over 80% of the wine, it makes sense that people would celebrate both a sip and a bite of the Golden State.”

3. Discover and enjoy California wine

Whether you’re visiting wineries in person or online, there’s no better time than California Wine Month to pick up a few bottles of wine to share with friends and family. It’s also easy to find a great selection of California wines at your local grocery store or wine shop.

California Wine Month Partners

Learn about special activities and offers from California Wine Month partner restaurants, retailers, associations and organizations. They include: Albertsons, California Grown, California Restaurant Foundation, The Calistoga Depot, The CIA at Copia, Epic Steak, Gary’s Wine & Marketplace, Ironwood Laguna Hills, Oakville Grocery, Olea Newport Beach, Pavillions, Safeway, Sapphire Laguna Beach, Vine Restaurant & Bar San Clemente, Visit California and Vons.

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About the Wine Institute
Created in 1934,Wine Instituteis the public policy advocacy group of 1,000 California wineries and affiliated companies that initiates and advocates state, federal and international public policy aimed at improving the environment for the responsible production, consumption and enjoyment of wine. The organization strives to improve the economic and environmental health of the state through its leadership in sustainable viticulture and by showcasing California’s wine regions as ideal destinations for food and wine travelers in the state. To learn more about California wines, visit DiscoverCaliforniaWines.
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