Vegan wine brands for the holidays

We can’t ring the old and ring the new with an old glass of chardonnay. It’s not always just a bunch of grapes in your glass of pinot gris. To make sure your champagne is 100% plant-based, read on to check out the best vegan wine brands for the holidays!

Wonderful Wine Co. takes the concept of clean wine seriously with its eco-friendly bottles and environmentally friendly shipping methods, as well as its hands-off approach to the winemaking process. You’ll enjoy low-carb, low-sugar, keto-friendly wine from a wellness-focused vegan wine brand.

With Obvious Wines, you no longer have to sniff your Pinot Noir while gently swirling the glass, pretending you know something about floral notes, bouquet or a smooth finish. Rich & Oaky, French & Bubbly, Bright & Crisp and Dark & ​​Bold are just a few of the wines to choose from in this “keep it simple” business.

Obvious wines

Canned wine? Count us on! Organic, sustainable and gluten-free, because “to drink responsibly”. Choose between All Day Rosé (a refreshing rosé, wait for it) or Just Right White (a tasty mix between sweet and dry). According to the company’s well-tested results, Besa pairs well with “Boozy Jenga, dark chocolate and pajamas, and bubble baths.”


Angeleno Wine Co. offers a selection of white and red wines with names that pay homage to the Los Angeles area. Try Bike Path (a fruity vegan red wine named after the LA River bike path), The Meadow (a rosé coined after a park in Silver Lake), or SuperBloom (a white that pays homage to the magnificent explosion of life. California Floral).

Angeleno Wine Co.

Frey Vineyards, an award-winning California all-vegan winery, uses organic, eco-friendly, and gluten-free production methods. Order online from a selection of vegan red wines, vegan whites and gift boxes, with discounts for larger orders.

Frey vineyards

This Los Angeles-based brand, founded by Cameron Diaz and Katherine Power, offers clean, seamlessly produced wines made from organic grapes. Sips of Avaline are devoid of unnecessary ingredients like colors, concentrates, or added sugars and are available in white, rosé, and red.


Sans, which means “without”, defines the philosophy behind this natural wine, respectful of the environment, from organic farming. Buy their canned zinfandel, riesling, cabernet sauvignon and more online. Are you looking for the perfect gift? Send a virtual wine tasting!

Without Wine

This Los Angeles-based brand was created by fashion stylist Nola Singer with the goal of combining her animal rescue work with her love of wine. A portion of every bottle of this vegan wine brand sold goes to Love Leo Rescue.

Rose Rescue

Overwhelmed by all the options in the wine aisle? Our wines of the day make it easy and are shipped right to your door. Simply choose between a vegan red wine blend and a vegan cabernet sauvignon, both organic and gluten-free.

Our wines of the day

Reduce your carbon footprint with unique Maivino wine bags. This vegan wine brand offers rosé, sauv blanc, pinot noir and more. Choose from singles, sample packs or mini bundles. The sachets remain fresh 30 days after opening.


Old Country Red, Old Country White and lots of related products! This is what you will find in this brand of vegan wine. In a Mediterranean style, Gratsi is not just a wine, it is an art of living.


This Mendocino County vineyard is non-GMO and certified organic. Incorporating sustainable agricultural practices into their production methods, Girasole offers a moderate selection of wines, including Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Pinot Blanc, Rosé and Sangiovese.


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