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GENEVA — The simple sign with the words Thirty-one trestle doesn’t provide many clues as to what’s going on inside this renovated space on Rue Exchange in downtown Geneva.

However, for wine lovers, further investigation might be recommended.

It is here that people can taste and buy luxury wines produced by the first American winemaker to win the title of Master of Wine, as well as the accolades of wine lover, who named her one of the Top 40 Under 40 Tastemakers and in 2018.

“It’s kind of a hidden secret,” Nova Cadamatre said last week in the tasting room. “I’ve done a terrible job getting the word out. We’re new to a lot of people.

It’s understandable. Cadamatre is a busy woman, spending time both in the Finger Lakes and on the West Coast, where she spent many years working for the highly respected Robert Mondavi Winery in the country’s most famous wine region, Napa Valley. , as well as many other top-flight wineries. . During one of her two stints at Mondavi, owned by Victor-based Constellation Brands, she served as head winemaker.

She continues to work in the wine industry in California as a consultant while developing Trestle Thirty One in Geneva.

Trestle Thirty One’s tasting room has been open on Exchange Street in Geneva for just a year, but has been selling fine wines in the Finger Lakes for seven years after its launch in 2015.

Cadamatre, a native of South Carolina, has a background in horticulture and winemaking, including a degree from Cornell University, which gives him an understanding of winemaking from vine to bottle.

Her husband, New Jersey native Brian Cadamatre, manages the business side of Trestle Thirty One, named after the railroad trestle atop Seneca Lake in Waterloo. He graduated from the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry in Syracuse.

Married in 2005, the couple moved to California the following year, where she and he joined Constellation in a major dairy business. He then turned to the wine industry.

However, the couple never forgot the Finger Lakes.

“It was always in our mind that we would be back here,” Cadamatre said.

Trestle Thirty One wines have been sold since 2017, but were only available online. However, a late 2020 pop-up tasting event at Scout Vineyards in Benton, Yates County convinced them they needed a space.

“We found this building for sale,” said Cadamatre, who bought it after a virtual tour in California.

The long, narrow space that once housed a tattoo parlor was rehabilitated by Dave Bailey of Otter Street Construction, she said.

“I handled the remodeling from California,” Cadamatre noted. “I chose the floors and chose the colors.”

The space has a tasting room up front, as well as three separate lounges of varying sizes for small group gatherings.

“We wanted it to be intimate and comfortable,” she said. “It was perfect.”

Even without much promotion, Trestle Thirty One is already a hit, she says, and the tasting room has helped the winery grow.

“Most of our sales go through here now,” Cadamatre said. “It’s a big change for us.”

As for the main attraction, the wine, Trestle Thirty One offers four – two Rieslings, one dry and a slightly less dry variety called demi-sec, as well as a rosé. A Cabernet Franc is coming in 2024.

The price is higher than many Finger Lakes wines at $29 a bottle for Rieslings and $36 for Chardonnay.

“We have a different product for the region and it requires more capital,” Cadamatre said, explaining that Trestle Thirty One wines age for at least two years before being released.

“They’re made to age for decades in the bottle,” she said.

The cost per bottle didn’t faze people, Cadamatre said.

“We are rarely asked the price,” she said.

There’s plenty of room for growth for Trestle Thirty One, she and her husband Brian said they still don’t have their own vineyard – they buy grapes from Zugibe Vineyards in Fayette – or a winemaking facility. They produce whites at Fox Run and rosé at Missick Cellars. They acquired land suitable for the operation of a winemaking/tasting room.

“How to grow the business sustainably is the question,” he said. “We try to minimize our debt footprint.”

They love the cooperative spirit of Finger Lakes wineries and, as an example, they cited the “welcome to the neighborhood” greeting from Three Brothers Winery in Fayette.

“It’s definitely the ‘rising tide that lifts all boats (philosophy),'” she said.

Nova noted that it also makes wine under the Snowshell Vineyards label, exclusive to online seller Naked Wines.

The couple have two additional partners, Byron Davis, sales manager, and Dave Cole, business strategist.

While Nova is the one behind the wine, she attributes Brian’s business acumen to the early success of Trestle Thirty One.

“We wouldn’t be here without him,” she said.

Elisha A. Tilghman