Top Total Wine Tequilas & Margarita Mixes

It’s five o’clock somewhere, and in Texas that means tequila time! Luckily, at any Total Wine store or, you can get everything you need to execute the perfect margarita recipe.

For a little history lesson, learn how real tequila was born in the Mexican state of Jaliscoso. In honor of our neighbors to the south and their contribution to our enjoyment of life, we’ve rounded up the best tequila and margarita blends you can find at Total Wine.

Total Wine’s best tequila

Best White Tequila: El Padrino

Best white tequila


With over a thousand reviews giving this tequila its 4.5 star status, if you’re looking for pure Mexican tequila made with blue agave, El Padrino is the way to go. A customer who regularly uses Don Julio Blanco for his margarita recipe says the El Padrino is “amazing,” so if you haven’t tried it yet, that’s a good reason! Maybe get a bottle of each of Total Wine and do a taste test… It’s your party, you do it!

Best organic tequila: 3 Amigos Blanco

3 Amigos Organic Tequila Blanco

Best organic tequila


If buying organic spirits is your priority, we recommend the 3 Amigos Blanco, 2018 gold medalist at the World Tequila Awards! According to the Total Wine website, this certified organic tequila has moderate cooked agave flavors that give it both spicy and creamy qualities. Bottom up!

Best Tequila Anejo: Volcán De Mi Tierra Cristalino

Tequila Volcan De Mi Tierra Cristalino

Best Tequila Anejo


Anejo is a kind of aged tequila, and you won’t find a better one at this value. This authentic Mexican tequila contains notes of chocolate, vanilla and tobacco along with the traditional flavor of cooked agave. Total Wine describes it as having a “robust flavor”, and reviewers comment on both the beautiful bottle and the quality and smoothness of the tequila itself. Sipping anejo on its own is recommended to experience the rich complexity that the aging process brings, but if you want to put it in a margarita, we’re not here to judge!

Best Citrus Tequila: Dulce Vida Grapefruit Tequila

Dulce Vida Grapefruit Tequila

Best Citrus Tequila


For anyone looking for a sweet twist on traditional tequila, this Dulce Vida Grapefruit Tequila is highly rated by reviewers on, with more than one declaring it their “new favorite!” We think this would make a delicious margarita on the rocks, but the mix sounds great too – honestly, there’s almost no way not to drink this tequila, and for under $20, we’d recommend stocking up . You can never have too much tequila… can you?

Best Spicy Tequila: Tanteo Jalapeño Tequila

Tequila Tanteo Jalapeño

Best jalapeño tequila


If you’re looking for a tequila that brings the heat – it’s Texas, after all – then this Tequila Tanteo Jalapeño might be the bottle for you. It’s perfect for adding a kick to your margaritas, and one spicy tequila enthusiast shares in his Total Wine review that it’s the best of many brands he’s tried. If there’s any left over after the night is over, it’s also the perfect tequila to mix up some morning Bloody Marias while you replenish your noche loca!

For the daring tequila drinker looking for the ultimate spice, check out Habanero tequilas, and for those who want to break into the spicy margarita scene, cucumber jalapeño may be quicker.

The best tequila: Patron Silver

Silver Patron

Best all around tequila


Honestly, where would we be without Patron Silver?! On second thought, maybe don’t answer that. The reason Patron is a household name is because it’s simply the best tequila, with its light, lemony body that makes it perfect for mixing in a margarita, sipping on the rocks, and let’s be honest – who don’t like a cold picture of Patron Silver? With nearly four thousand rave reviews on, this is a great staple tequila to have around the house any time of year!

Total Wine’s Best Margarita Blends

Best Light Margarita Blend: Jose Cuervo Light

Jose Cuervo Authentic Lime Margarita Light

Best Light Margarita Blend


If you’re like us, you want to save your calories for all the delicious tacos, chips, and dips you’re going to serve with your margaritas. This light Jose Cuervo margarita mix has all the essentials for a great cocktail without the unnecessary extra sweet stuff. Tequila, triple sec, and lime come together in this mix for a simple, ready-to-drink blend that’s just under twenty proof. This may be enough for you, or feel free to top it off with the tequila of your choice!

Best Big Batch Margarita Mix: Big Bucket

Master Mix Margarita Large Bucket 96 oz

Best Bulk Batch Margarita Mix


The Master Blend Margarita Big Bucket is the perfect, effortless solution for hosting a large group. Simply pour a bottle of your favorite tequila into the mix in the bucket and place it in the fridge for margs on the rocks or in the freezer for a frozen treat. At less than ten bucks, you might as well grab two and have both types of margaritas available for your guests; plus, running a blender after a tequila or two is risky business. Better to avoid it altogether!

Best Organic Margarita Blend: Tres Agaves

Tres Agaves Margarita Mix

Best Organic Margarita Blend


Another must-have for organic cocktail lovers is this organic margarita mix from Tres Agaves. It’s organic, gluten-free and only sweetened with natural agave – no high fructose corn syrup – which probably makes the hangover less aggressive the next day too! Also, organic doesn’t have to mean simple or boring; check out the collection of Tres Agaves flavored margarita mixes and stock up on a few varieties. These are alcohol-free, which is also nice for virgin margaritas for kids or those hoping to wake up without a headache the next day.

Best Flavored Margarita Blend: 1800 Ultimate Pineapple Margarita

1800 Ultimate Pineapple Margarita Ready to Drink Mix

Best Flavored Margarita Mix


Ready-to-drink pineapple margarita; need we say more?! 1800 Tequila is blended with pineapple flavors to create that perfect blend of tropical delights and is available at Total Wine for less than $20. It has tons of positive reviews; people call it “delicious”, right out of the bottle. Of course, we won’t mind if you mix it up and top it with a float! For a close second, or for anyone not a big fan of pineapple, try their other flavors or the Rancho La Gloria Strawberry Margarita Blend – also ready to drink with a 13.9% ABV.

Best Margarita Blend: Nectar Girl

Nectar Girl Margarita Blend 1L

Best margarita mix all around


Nectar Girl Margarita Mix is ​​made in Texas, so you know it has to taste good! Sweetened with organic agave nectar, it’s packed with flavor and sweetness to complement any tequila without the processed sugar or added calories. This mix is ​​purely blended – alcohol free – so you can control the strength of your drinks and/or make pristine cocktails for the kids. reviews highlight this margarita blend as “awesome,” “delicious,” and “a family’s favorite margarita blend for years now!” And you can’t beat the price of this margin blend either – a liter of Total Wine will set you back just $7.99.

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