Luxury real estate in Los Angeles, London and New York

Modern conveniences include a tennis court, swimming pool, spa, gym, media room, gourmet kitchen and fireplace. It includes four bedrooms and six bathrooms.

Indoor-outdoor living at its finest.Credit:Zillow


Prefer the bright lights of city life? But still with plenty of space?

This lavish Los Angeles home, known as The Manor, is the ultimate residency for artists, asking for $165 million ($221 million).

It last traded for $119.75 million in 2019, an LA record, and the block once belonged to singer Bing Crosby before the house was torn down and rebuilt for late producer Aaron Spelling, the Los Angeles Times reports.

The mansion has a string of famous past owners.

The mansion has a string of famous past owners.Credit:Zillow

It’s in Holmby Hills, near the Los Angeles Country Club and the Playboy Mansion.

With 14 bedrooms and 27 bathrooms, there’s plenty of room for house guests, and they won’t be bored between the bowling alley, beauty salon, home cinema, pool and rolling lawns.

Why leave home when you can bowl here?

Why leave home when you can bowl here?Credit:Zillow

New York, NY

On the east coast, luxury is at its height.

A house in height with a price to match.

A house in height with a price to match.Credit:Zillow

This sleek penthouse near Central Park overlooks the Manhattan skyline and is yours for $63.5 million ($85.2 million).

It sits in the newly built, super tall Central Park Tower on the aptly named Billionaires’ Row, and it comes with its own private club with pool, spa, gym and no doubt a chance to meet the very neighbours. haves.

The full-floor apartment features floor-to-ceiling windows facing north, south, east, and west, as well as five bedrooms, five-and-a-half bathrooms, a private hall, gourmet kitchen, and custom cabinetry.

If I can make it...

If I can make it…Credit:Zillow

The Hamptons, NY

Too hot in the city in summer? Escape to the ultimate Hamptons beach house.

The beach vacation of your dreams.

The beach vacation of your dreams.Credit:Zillow

This stunning slice of Southampton is up for grabs for $175 million ($234.8 million).

The oceanfront mansion offers a dreamy summer vacation, with 11 bedrooms, 12 full baths, and four bathrooms, water views from every room, and a gatehouse.

Take your pick on the waterfront.

Take your pick on the waterfront. Credit:Zillow

There is a private walk to the ocean and the option of a swimming pool, as well as a gym, tennis court, basketball court, outdoor entertaining areas, chef’s kitchen, outdoor area. recreation with bar and security of two gated entrances.

If the beach isn't your style, there's also a pool.

If the beach isn’t your style, there’s also a pool.Credit:Zillow

London, UK

Feel like you’re on the Monopoly board in one of Mayfair’s original mansions.

This grand 12-bedroom townhouse, built in 1732 and since renovated, will set you back £54,500,000 ($96m).

Mayfair, but in real life, not in Monopoly.

Mayfair, but in real life, not in

It’s ideal for a posh party, with a formal dining room that seats 20, living room, family kitchen, and a dirty kitchen hidden downstairs.

Or relax in the swimming pool, spa pool, sauna and screening room, work out in the gym or take a walk in nearby Hyde Park.

Built in 1732, but with a modern renovation inside.

Built in 1732, but with a modern renovation

Paris, France

Good morning! Maximal gold accents and crystal chandeliers leave no doubt as to the location of this grand residence.

Hello, it's Paris!

Hello, it’s Paris!Credit:Christie’s Real Estate

With a price tag of 40 million euros ($58.5 million), this charming furnished house is located in the 7th arrondissement.

There are Versailles-style parquet floors, hand-painted ceilings, four bedrooms, a library, home cinema, massage room, sauna and gym.

Dine in style.

Dine in style.Credit:Christie’s Real Estate

It has a stunning view of the Eiffel Tower.

And if you’re homesick, it’s near the Quai Branly Museum, a museum dedicated to Australian Aboriginal art.


A Good Class Bungalow in Singapore is the top end of the luxury real estate market, defined as a plot of at least 1400 square meters, of which the house occupies less than 40%.

Many are offered for sale without photos to protect the privacy of their owners. This one offers a rare insight into what money buys, or to be exact, what $78 million buys.

Stay cool in the tropics.

Stay cool in the

There’s an oversized pool with its own ceiling fan, to keep cool on hot days, and it’s surrounded by tropical greenery.

The laid-back living areas also provide respite from the heat, and of course there’s a home theater, wine cellar, gym, and a two-level garage with parking for 20 cars.

Beat the heat.

Beat the

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